3 minutes to convince or the great oral expression of the Helioparc start-ups

“The truck changes color every year according to our partner, book Georges Viglietti…

“The truck changes color every year according to our book partner Georges Viglietti, co-founder president of Sowefund, a crowdfunding site aimed at raising funds for start-ups. This year, the color was chosen by Qonto, a bank dedicated to entrepreneurs and small businesses. »

It’s as cute as a truck, but we’re not at the Retromobile fair. Most of today’s guests are here to defend their box. They participate in the Fundtruck contest, which allows the national winner to win a communication campaign worth 100,000 euros in the Paris metro and in the capital’s stations.

The throwing contest and its beautiful aqua green truck.


1/4 final, semi, final

Pau is one of the cities in New Aquitaine to organize the quarter-finals. The departmental winners will face Bordeaux halfway through for a place in the national final. The exercise is above all a great oratorical challenge that pushes creators with their nose to the handlebars to take a step back in their adventure to clearly clarify their project. The jury is made up of entrepreneurs and potential sponsors such as the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, it would be wise to captivate the public.

To tell you the truth, the challenge is not the same for someone who presents a revolutionary box of licorice sticks or a connected breathalyzer as it is for someone who has to summarize a nebulous concept about validating skills… “It’s true that the stain is not same thing,” notes soberly Thomas Blanc, the founder of Up Skilling, a start-up that certifies its accomplishments as opposed to CVs or Linkedin skills that are purely declarative.

He was the first to put on the purple apron and go behind the counter. Despite one or two concrete examples like the one modeled on his 11-year-old daughter’s notes, he failed to absorb his audience. “I had already pitched several times, but after meeting the coach who accompanies all the candidates, I had to do it all over again last night. It was nice to have an outside opinion. »

The three-minute monologue was followed by five minutes of very direct questions and answers. “I didn’t quite understand the service you offer. » « Who is your customer, the trained person or the training organisation. After the exchanges, everything is clear, but the entrepreneur will go too far to claim qualification.

not just theater

After him, the boss of Tottems opted for a strong presentation, well helped by the possibility of showing a product in three dimensions. “Come closer, ladies and gentlemen, come and discover the first flavored licorice sticks…” The presentation is well done, facilitated by the simplicity of the product. A pack of licorice sticks just like old times.

The start-up plans to market sticks with various flavors (raspberry, cocoa) and is taking a close interest in the growing CBD market. Oratory counts, but the jurors show with their question that they want to know what start-ups have in their belly. “Your presentation was very clear, but what is the value you are asking for for your fundraising? “Oh yeah, I didn’t specify that.” We have a target of 400,000 euros for the recruitment of field sales teams and digital development. »

FundTruck, business competition for Hélioparc

FundTruck, business competition for Hélioparc


The following candidates will pay even more attention to the theatrical aspect. A duo introduces SR Concept, a young company specializing in the creation of connected breathalyzers that should allow night owls to measure their alcohol level and better ride.

“I am the director of a road safety center and when I was young, after parties, I tended to… (picks up a steering wheel). And I’m the head of a computer company and at the end of the night it was pretty (he pulls a sleeping bag). Our associate isn’t here, he’s drunk. »

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