Citroën Oli: original and blissfully smart!

Throughout its history, Citroën has always liked “special” cars, cars that are somewhere between madness and genius. At first glance, the French brand’s latest concept seems like a great rave of engineers, but make no mistake: the ideas behind this concept are brilliant!

In recent times, many car manufacturers have presented their “manifesto”: Mercedes has shown us its EQXX focused on the thrifty use of electricity; BMW, through its M department, presented the XM that explores the limits of power and Dacia, through its Manifesto concept, promotes fun, economy and ecology. Features that also apply to this Citroën Oli!

Return to routine

“Enough!” said Citroën in its press release about the Oli. The brand is tired of the trend towards increasingly heavy, complex and expensive electric cars that the automotive sector (including Stellantis, Citroën’s parent company) markets today. Citroën therefore wants to go back to basics, as the brand’s new logo suggests. Therefore, Citroën relies on light and accessible materials, in addition to efficient production.

In concept, this Oli reminds us a bit of the 2CV or the Panda of the 80’s. The rear is identical, for example), as well as the lightweight materials are the heart of this car. “Hybrid” rims, which combine steel and aluminum, are lighter and cheaper to manufacture. They are here shod with Goodyear tires with a very long service life. The days when Michelin ran the company therefore seem to be over…

Futuristic and functional…

In terms of design, its vertical windshield is somewhat reminiscent of cars from the last century. Otherwise, it’s very modern! We see it more like an Ami XXL, destined to appear in an urban remake of Mad Max… Difficult in any case to integrate it into an existing segment: in its style, the Oli is sometimes urban, sometimes SUV and even a little take! Thus, Citroën does not call Oli a car, but a “daily span of your life, just as useful when you’re not driving as when you’re driving“.

The hood, roof and trunk are made from recycled cardboard. Both flat, light and solid, you can sit on it and attach objects to it, like a surfboard, compulsive Ikea shopping, even a roof tent! In addition, Oli is also equipped with V2G and V2L functions, allowing you to use it as a great mobile power bank or as a home battery when in the garage.

…and inside too!

Also inside, Citroën is implementing intelligent ideas in the service of simplicity, lightness and ease of use. Mesh seats look like office chairs, while the floor is washable. As for the infotainment system, it’s simply… your own smartphone: only useful information is projected onto the dashboard.

Although the Oli has four seats, it can also be transformed into a pickup truck: fold the rear headrests down to the roof, remove the panel covering the trunk (which is made from the same recycled cardboard as the roof) and open the rear window out. Rails for fixing accessories or fixing hooks are also provided. Finally, the lower panel, which should allow you to ensure that the elements you have are properly protected, incorporates Citroën’s new slogan: “Nothing moves us like Citroën”.


Playful in appearance, Oli takes economy and sustainability very seriously: the materials used are not only sustainable, but must also be recyclable. Finally, Citroën has managed to keep the mass to a minimum: the Oli only weighs a ton, which is excellent value for an electric vehicle.

Indeed, which car manufacturer would dare to offer in 2022 a vision of the future with a heat engine under the hood? Thanks to the lightness of the model, Citroën aims at an average consumption of 10 kWh/100 km and a range of 400 km. Please note that the speed is limited to 110 km/h. The French brand does not say a word about charging power, but specifies that charging from 20% to 80% takes 23 minutes.

Future perspectives ?

Will we soon be able to order an Oli from a Citroën dealer? Not. For Citroën, it is an “optimistic laboratory on wheels”. The brand will be inspired by him for its future models. As far as we’re concerned, we think the engineers responsible for the Dacia Manifesto and this Citroën Oli should meet!

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