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PARIS, September 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —

The ACHETER-LOUER.FR group, a specialist in digital marketing solutions and data in real estate and housing, announces that it has signed a commercial partnership with the start-up, which offers a solution to replace the security deposit of real estate rentals by Zero Deposit insurance.

Founded in 2021 by Ariel Naccache and Joachim Sfez, specialists in legal insurance and digital communication, Pautions imagined an innovative and unprecedented solution in France, where all the actors in a property rental meet: Zero safe deposit. This solution consists of replacing the deposit with insurance contracted by the tenant, allowing him to avoid a significant expense. At the same time, the owner is calm and secure at no cost, and the manager sees his work simplified, streamlined, without embarrassment or responsibility.

Already well developed in Switzerland and the United States, this new alternative in France allows for the elimination of disputes related to the return of the deposit, increasing mobility and simplifying rent while breaking the old property codes through digital .

This business partnership will allow to offer’s Zero Deposit insurance offer on its website and mobile app, as well as to its agencies and potential customers. In return, will be interested in all sales made through its website and its contacts. In addition, the Group will provide with a DATA-MEDIA envelope to promote its innovative solution to the 10 million privately owned intentional subscribers registered in the Group’s databases. These commercial synergies should therefore increase the reputation and sales of

On the strength of this new partnership and in line with its development strategy,

reinforces its offer of digital services with an innovative solution for its professional real estate and private clients. The Group will pursue its mixed growth strategy with the ambition to

become a leader in digital solutions and data in real estate and housing.


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