The Renault 5 Turbo 3 E opens its doors for us! [vidéo]

First ride for the Renault 5 Turbo 3 E! It is not at the Paris Motor Show, but on the lawns of the Chantilly estate that it is presented in preview. The exuberant city-dweller does more than just make up numbers. She participates in the Concours d’Elegance! With its plastic bodywork, it does not leave indifferent: neither the young nor the great.

Excited visitors!

With its devilish aero kit, the R5 Turbo 3 E is 4m long.

The comments merge near the marquee where the car is displayed. ” Ah mom, the R5 Turbo of the future! exclaims a little boy barely taller than the top of the hood. ” Wow “We can hear here and there from teenagers or older people who can’t help but remember that they had it too when they were young” the same car “. Listen for “same” an R5! Because, the Turbo and Turbo 2 were sold in only a handful of copies (about 5,000). AND ” at the time, it cost the price of a Porsche 911 discreetly remembers a visitor.

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A 380 hp electric

Width Renault Turbo 3 E 2022
His wings were enlarged. The R5 Turbo 3 E is 2 m wide and just 1.32 m tall.

To develop the R5 Turbo 3 E, no original Turbo was boned. The design team took identical dimensions by grafting in a tubular chassis (FIA-approved) and a carbon fiber bodywork. If the wheelbase is not changed, the overall length has been moved back by 35 cm (4 m) and the width increased by 25 cm (2.02 m). The beast’s innards are composed of a 42 kWh battery whose weight represents the total mass. This accumulator, like the landing gear, was developed with Ligier Automotive. Despite an evocative name, the R5 Turbo 3E doesn’t benefit from a supercharged 4-cylinder engine. she gets two electric motors, one on each rear wheel, for a total power of 380 hp and a torque of 700 Nm. The 0 to 100 km does not require more than 3.5 sec. But your own thing is above all slipping!

Name Renault Turbo 3 E 2022
The name Turbo 3 follows the Turbo and Turbo 2. OE means the model is electric
Renault Turbo 3 E engine 2022
The rear wheels receive one engine each. The set develops 380 hp.

Ode to the 80s and video games

Why did Renault choose to make a drift car? ” To attract young people Sandeep Bhambra, Renault Concept Car Design Director, responds tac-o-tac, adding that they designed the project so that it has ” a double life: real and virtual » . In just a few weeks, the Turbo 3 E will indeed become the star of a video game. It’s already when you look at the screens on the dashboard.

Renault Turbo 3 E 2022 screen
10 mini-screens make up the panel. Your screen is pixelated like in the 80s.

The 10 digital modules, behind the steering wheel, project ultra-pixeled animations of the car… as was the definition of video games in the 80s. In the cabin, the floor is very high because it was necessary to integrate the battery, without changing the height of the route. (1.32 m). It’s not easy to slip in the bathtub, luckily the steering wheel is removable.

Handbrake Renault Turbo 3 E 2022
The large lever behind the steering wheel is detachable, it is the handbrake. Allows the car to slide.

The driver’s legs are stretched out like a single-seater. The big handle in the center of the center console is not a gearshift, but the handbrake control… for drifting! There are no mirrors or headlights in this car. Cameras replace them to immortalize your gliding sessions that you do to a little “old school” video game song!

To see in Chantilly or in Paris

Renault Turbo 3 E 2022 Chantilly Mondial Paris
The R5 Turbo 3 can be discovered in Chantilly (September 25) or at the Paris Motor Show (October 18-23).

In short, once behind the wheel, you can’t help but see” life in pink “. And for good reason the windows are tinted this color! We’re still eager to try it out as the concept is rolling around. Evidenced by the scars on the bodywork and the 325mm rear tires somewhat shelved by bitumen… We hope that one day Renault will entrust us with the keys. waiting for the test, come and discover the bombinette at the Château de Chantilly estate, this September 25th until 5:30 pm, or from October 18th at the Paris Motor Show.

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