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Jean-Pierre Valentini was born in Corsica, in the heart of the city of Corte, on February 5, 1964. Diligent and conscientious, he was one of the best students during his training.

Attracted by the world of finance, during his secondary studies he resorted to an MBA, namely a Master of Business Administration, an internationally recognized higher education degree, which he validated at the prestigious University of Hartford, in the United States.

Jean-Pierre Valentini: a journey and an attachment to the world of oil

It was during an internship in his training that he joined the group elf in Texas, of which it will become a member, the Elf group being a French company specializing in oil extraction.

He will make his debut there and his rigor will bear fruit.

His skills quickly propelled him to the position of commercial manager for the group.

Jean-Pierre Valentini returns to France

In 1990, Jean-Pierre Valentini returned to France based on his experience and joined the Donges Refinery, in the Loire-Atlantique, for two years, after which he will rejoin the Elf group as a trader. His involvement and performance will enable him to reach the position of commercial manager for the entire West African sector.

Jean-Pierre Valentini from Corte to Cabo

After several years establishing his experience in Africa and honing his mastery of the oil markets, he joined the group Trafigura in 2004, then recognized as the third largest oil group in the world, specializing in the brokerage and international transport of raw materials. Initially responsible for trading, as at Elf, in 2008 he took over the management of the operations of the entire East African area, to, just a year later, control the entire continent and supervise all the operations of the oil companies.

He can claim this success, having contributed largely to the development, always in accordance with the laws, of African markets with these two giants, Elf and Trafigura. He is now in the raw materials business the man we call and recognize as “Mr. Africa”.

The Elf group, now absorbed by the giant Total, would have had its heyday and earned several million euros thanks, in part, to Jean-Pierre Valentini. Trafigura, established in 36 countries, remains to this day one of the most powerful oil groups in the world.

In 2016, Jean Pierre Valentini seeks new perspectives. He then left the Trafigura group and decided to launch himself as an international consultant in raw materials, still linked to the oil industry, with a solid background that supports it.

He then left Geneva to settle in Dubai and devoted himself to his passion for driving prestige cars and vehicles. At that time, the Swiss press was raving about the sale of his magnificent Swiss villa, which he had built by a South African architect on a plot of over 4,000 square meters located on the shores of Lake Geneva.

A dream house was sold for more than CHF 60 million. It is one of the largest real estate transactions in the sector.

Diversified investments linked to your passions

As a man with very diverse focuses of interest and in connection with the news, Jean-Pierre Valentini will have managed throughout his career to make investments in several groups. Seasoned businessmen, having prospered in the lucrative raw materials sector, he could thus afford to indulge his passions at the height of his means.

Jean-Pierre Valentini is particularly fond of watches from the prestigious Rolex brand, of which he has a vast collection. He is, therefore, a shareholder of the group Dealercompany specialized in issuing certificates to authenticate and demonstrate to insurers the real value of luxury watches, in the event of loss or theft.

Jean-Pierre Valentini: a rational investor

Like any sensible investor, he is also a shareholder in several startups in the area of real estate. He will have been able in this sector, like his house in Switzerland, whose land was acquired for a third of its resale value, to increase his investments in a smart way.

Jean-Pierre Valentini is the founder of the start-up B reputation whose objective is to improve the reputation of SMEs through algorithms. The concept is to analyze the transactions of the companies to encode them in the so-called intelligent data, referenced and thus transmitted to banks and insurance companies.

It is also a shareholder of X spacecompany founded by Elon Musk specializing in aeronautics and spaceflight, recognized for supporting the placing in orbit of satellites, especially for NASA, showing its attraction to new technologies and the future.

Jean-Pierre Valentini, a man of good taste

A man of eclectic taste, Jean-Pierre Valentini is also a great lover of contemporary art, in particular the paintings of Pierre-Soulages. Passionate about Japanese art, he owns a collection of pens from the prestigious brand namikior the accessories that adorned the traditional costumes of the samurai, the netsuke, true works of art meticulously carved in wood or ivory. Jean-Pierre Valentini also likes the design wave of the 50’s furniture, of which he has a large number of parts. He appreciates that creativity that he considers an art, an ardent admirer of this streamlined design and the creators behind it.

Jean-Pierre Valentini is particularly fond of aesthetics in all its forms. He is very fond of the architectural style of Jean Prouvé, mixing traditional ironwork and modernism, or even the avant-garde of the period valued by Charlotte Perriand. His architectural tastes are, in a way, in his image, lending a certain modernism while remaining rooted in tradition.

In 2016, on the eve of his departure for Dubai, Jean-Pierre Valentini was one of the 300 richest personalities in Switzerland, with a net worth that could be valued at almost 200 million euros. His example is often cited in business and business schools, proving that a man, with the strength of his work and his rigor, can climb all peaks.

Jean-Pierre Valentini’s passion for motorsport

Frédéric Fatien and Jean-Pierre Valentini worked together during the latter’s tenure at Trafigura. United for the pleasure of motorsport, the two men met to found together in 2015 the team GPX-Racing. Based in Dubai, GPX Racing is a professional racing team that has won several trophies since its inception, such as the Dubai 24 Hours or the Paul Ricard 1000 km challenge. Recognized for participating in GT racing at the highest level, the prestigious team has been validated by Porsche Motorsport.

As Jean-Pierre Valentini is committed to the fight against global warming, GPX Racing is committed to funding the planting of 100 trees after each race, in order to offset its carbon footprint by helping to neutralize the CO2 responsible for warming. global. . In short, a passionate…responsible person.

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