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Sofie Dumont, chef and digital entrepreneur

Your car: a Range Rover Sport Hybrid. I come from a gas car and this is our first truly green car, which was important to us. This car, which I always thought was beautiful, was finally available in an electric version, so when Range Rover offered us this partnership, I only looked at the hybrid models and was excited about this one. I’m sensitive to design (this also happens when I cook); It’s a very beautiful car and I think the manufacturers have gone to great lengths to offer more eco-friendly and really beautiful cars. I still hear a lot of pros and cons about 100% electric; I opted for a smooth transition to electric because I’m on the road a lot and everywhere in Belgium I haven’t had a fixed restaurant in two years.

In use : I use it for all trips in the region, to school for example, or for my purchases from local producers, I always turn on 100% electric mode. Now I must also use it for longer trips, stopping for tea during a quick recharge, but I’m always in a hurry.

Verdict? I like ! After that, I’m thinking of going in a 100% electric vehicle. Until then, I hope everything has progressed: autonomy, recharging spaces… The stress of not being able to recharge is the biggest fear of people who hesitate to change technology. But whether in terms of comfort, aesthetics or driving pleasure, I am very satisfied.

In video, 10 surprising facts about the bike:

Virginie Hocq, actress and comedian

Your car: a Lexus UX 250h. Imagine I didn’t want to have a car anymore. I spend my time on an electric bike, a 15kg machine on which I carry a 20kg child, it’s sporty. I named him Marcel, my friends know that. But sometimes, like everyone else, I need a car. Whether it’s to move on tour or like this week, to take care of my move.

Why the hybrid? I had heard that some cars run on organic waste and I thought it was great to turn our waste into fuel, but I looked and unfortunately this vehicle doesn’t exist yet. So when Lexus came to offer me a partnership, we had a long discussion. It was explained to me that the engine partially recharges while driving, while braking, and I liked this concept. I also think that dialogue is key to getting people to embrace these new vehicles, you have to turn to brands that will take the time to find what really meets their needs. Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to have a vehicle at my disposal when I need it, and I have to admit that sometimes it’s also a great freedom. Well, it’s still not the car that works with potato skins, but I’m already happy (laughs).

In use : It really is a beautiful vehicle. Especially for me, who had never driven an automatic, in the city, it changes my life. I don’t even understand that not all cars are automatic today. And then, it makes no noise, consumes very little and communicates with me through screens: everything is clear about the state of charge, it’s very easy.

Verdict? For me, optimal mobility is clearly a mix of all these modes of transport and Marcel will continue to be my daily companion. But this is not a solution for everyone; I think about my mother who is older, people who live outside the city or who have several children… But the world is changing, you have to be careful to follow the right path.

Arnaud Delvenne, chef

Your car: a Tesla Model 3. The car is still essential for many of us, many people need it every day, and for me, the rail network (or public transport) is not always perfect and when you look closely, it is not so cheap to take the train, it’s a budget. Therefore, it is an ecological and financial choice.

Why the hybrid? I come from a Toyota C-HR hybrid and wanted to go electric. Today, I’m 37 years old, I’ve been thinking about it a lot, and despite some controversies about the carbon footprint of electric vehicles, I’m convinced that we should make this transition. I also see gasoline prices going up so much that I think we need to explore other formulas. So I made a comparison between many brands, I went to see the very top. I wanted the car that met my needs, the brand that was the most up-to-date, because an electric car is so expensive that it’s an investment you have to think about carefully. My concern was to cover all the elements related to the use of a vehicle like this: at Tesla, the argument was the autonomy (600km), the charging fleet, the service, the eight-year warranty, the longevity of the engines. .. It’s a whole, but they have the most successful system.

In use : I still haven’t been delivered, it’s the only downside of my choice, the car delivery times have gotten insane. I previously tested the EQA which provided 400km but which in the end only did 250km at best. Despite the undeniable aesthetic side of these vehicles, it didn’t meet my needs, as I sometimes travel up to 300 km in a single day. You really first have to know what use you have of your car.

Verdict? My car should be delivered in the next few weeks, but I had the opportunity to test one out several times before making my choice. I like this idea of ​​a top vehicle in terms of design and service, without being ostentatious like some German cars. I found this sobriety in the cabin and this totally futuristic driving mode: the car has thirteen cameras, it’s hyper-connected, it’s impressively technological. And then the ride comfort is just amazing…

Stijn Verlinden, Public Relations Entrepreneur

Your car: a Tesla Model Y. It was a conscious choice. With my partner we live in the center of Brussels and use the car mainly for long trips, or at least getting out of the city. We’ve chosen to be electric for our next car and that’s it. We also tested the car in the garage several times and it was a very pleasant experience, which confirmed our choice. Above all, we think about sustainability and the environment. And when we look at the prices of gasoline and diesel now, we are very happy to have switched to an electric car.

In use : Belgium is a perfect country for electric cars. In a small country like ours, the distances to be covered are never huge. It’s not like in the United States, where people sometimes have to drive three hours to get to work, for example, and charging there is complicated. We did a lot of research before switching to Tesla. But in Belgium it’s easier: when I charge my car, I can easily last two weeks because I don’t travel long distances. The car also has an autopilot option and is very good.

Verdict? I recommend it to everyone. Going electric is a great experience. It’s a very nice car and easy to drive.

Michel Lagasse, CEO UBike

Your vehicle: a 02 Feel e-Swan City Up electric bike. We still have two cars, which are rarely released. They are mainly used for buses with children. During the week, I mainly use the bike, electric or not.

Why the bicycle? To get to the station, I ride a non-electric mountain bike. I do it first out of conviction. I could go by car, but the bike is easier. It’s also really cool, it allows me to play a little sport and move around. At work and to get around Brussels, I use the electric bike. This means of transport gives me full control of my time. I arrive at my clients punctually, while by car, this would not necessarily be the case. Getting around by bike is disconcertingly easy! The city is so congested that with my e-bike I guarantee I’ll make it on time unless there’s a big problem… but that’s very rare!

In use : riding a bike makes me very happy. It’s easy, reduces environmental impact and allows me to move, whether it’s electric or not. The only times that are a little awkward are when I have a big backpack and there’s a huge climb, but with an e-bike the problem doesn’t arise. In Brussels, it’s easy, fast and efficient.

Verdict? I wouldn’t trade my mode of travel for the world. I don’t see, in my configuration, what means of transport could make me more efficient and happier, especially in Brussels.

Cédric Allard, designer of the Culinary Workshops

Your car: an Audi Q5 Hybrid. Why a hybrid car? I felt it was time to adapt to the evolution of mobility. I hesitated for a long time to opt for an all-electric vehicle, but there are still some issues, such as charging stations that are out of order, too slow, or the car discharging faster than expected. With the hybrid, it’s comforting to know that you still have the additional thermal. Also, I preferred to take things step by step and start the transition to electric without any problems. I will probably switch to fully electric in the next car, but at the moment I think the hybrid system is a good way to adapt to the evolution of mobility.

In use : I work in Brussels and live close to the capital. I only use the thermal for my trips outside of Brussels, so for long trips. But I immediately wanted to make the most of the vehicle’s electrical capabilities, so I directly adapted my driving. I’ve had my car for just over two years and on the dashboard you can see that 85% of the kilometers are fully electric. It’s a wish to no longer want to use gasoline.

Verdict? I am very satisfied and even beyond my expectations. I have a very different drive and completely different behavior behind the wheel since I have this vehicle. The electric side makes me totally forget the size of my vehicle, I hear the city more, I feel more patient in the car, as if I am at peace. As a hybrid customer, I’m probably one of the best ambassadors for the system!

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