In Israel, startups work to redefine the contours of fashion

(ETX Daily Up) – Israel is, without context, one of the world’s leading innovation hubs, earning it the nickname “Start-up Nation”. For this special from Israel, we are interested in innovative young companies distilling their innovations in a variety of sectors, including fashion. We selected three that should quickly move the ready-to-wear lines, whether in terms of online shopping, the environment or inclusion.

Virtual fitting rooms, more ecological packaging, sustainable materials, inclusive clothing… The fashion industry has been trying for several years to reinvent itself to be more in tune with the issues of its time, all over the world. Despite its must-see fashion weeks, including Tel Aviv Fashion Week, Israel is not one of the countries recognized for its know-how and creativity in terms of ready-to-wear, like France or Italy; which does not prevent it from being at the forefront of innovation. The proof by three.

Palta, innovation at the service of the disabled

Born in 2018, but still (too) unknown on a global scale, the Israeli start-up Palta stands out for its fashion at the service of the disabled. Founded by Shay Senior, wounded during his military service in the Israeli army, this company designs clothing and advises fashion brands to make them more inclusive. An essential initiative considering that more than one billion people live with some form of disability in the world, according to the WHO. The start-up, which relies in part on its community to envision more inclusive clothing for the future, offers services for brands to reinvent themselves in favor of more inclusive fashion for people with disabilities.

Tying shoelaces, zipping a coat or simply reading a tag… These gestures may seem simple to some, but to others they seem like an obstacle course. That’s why start-up Palta is working to make clothes that fit the greatest number. It involves, for example, rethinking certain closing systems, using magnetic or Velcro buttons, creating multifunctional pieces, simplifying certain cuts thanks to intelligent materials or even offering Braille labels. One of Palta’s biggest wins to date? Having designed the official Israeli national team uniform for the Tokyo Paralympic Games, which were held in August and September 2021.

Algae, innovation at the service of the environment

What materials will compose the clothes of the future? Many startups today are trying to innovate to create materials that are more environmentally friendly, but it is still difficult to determine which ones have the power to be sustainable, such as developing on a large scale. This could be the case of Algaeing, an Israeli start-up that aims to create biodegradable, non-toxic and (very) low energy textiles, using various types of algae, renewable microorganisms.

Algaeing is committed to the manufacture of fibers for textile companies, but not only… it has also developed a 100% biodegradable algae-based dye formula, intended to color different types of fabrics. Beneficial for the planet, because without waste, without chemicals and with less energy consumption, the start-up technologies, whether in biofibers and ecological dyes, have already been awarded a series of awards. must invest quickly in the fashion industry.

Sizer, innovation at the service of online shopping

As we know, online shopping has exploded since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, and with it the multiplication of returns. Something that obviously weighs on the revenue of fashion brands and retailers, and even more on the environment. And what could be better than knowing your exact size to avoid any disappointment? This is the ingenious idea of ​​the Israeli startup Sizer Technologies, which thanks to artificial intelligence and some algorithms, allows consumers to identify their size according to the desired item.

To take advantage of this innovation, simply download the app, answer a few questions, including your size, and take a picture of yourself following the guide. Once you scan your body measurements, you get not only the sizes that suit you best, but recommendations as well. All you have to do is sit quietly on your couch and do your shopping online. If you succumb to a shirt, jeans or underwear, Sizer will advise you on the size best suited to your body shape. It should be noted that the start-up has already established several partnerships with brands and retailers to make life even easier for consumers.

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