ambitions and solutions for B2B e-commerce

until 20251, 80% of B2B business interactions between suppliers and buyers will take place through digital channels. For businesses, international shipments offered by DHL Express are incredible development opportunities.

A strategic interest in migrating to B2B e-commerce

The revenue of the global B2B e-commerce market already exceeds that of B2C, analysis Delphine Robin, project manager for e-commerce marketing and partnerships at DHL Express. According to a 2019 Forrester study, by 2023, B2B e-commerce is expected to account for over 17% of global B2B revenue. »

Forrester Research, an American company specializing in market research, predicts that the American B2B e-commerce market alone will reach 1,800 billion dollars… themselves in B2B.

Fed up with the internet shopping craze, millennials now want their work environment to be modeled on their everyday life. 44% of them 1 say they prefer not to have any interaction with a sales rep in the context of a B2B purchase. Being able to shop 24/7 is their credo.

Ambitions and solutions for B2B e-commerce DHL Express

A paradigm shift and a business opportunity

E-commerce had a spectacular development during the global pandemic that shook the planet in 2020. In B2C, the processes are already well established. “But in B2B, the market is only in the early stages of maturity, underlines Delphine Robin. The next decade is expected to see increasing levels of technology adoption and related investments by B2B companies. »

For a business, switching to e-commerce sometimes involves real twists: “The biggest challenge is human and not technological or logistical, Delphine Robin Analysis. Indeed, a state of mind “digital-first” is necessary for success. In addition, we observe a “banalization” of online shopping. A B2B customer today is ready to shop online for over $50,000. To develop a B2B e-commerce site, adjustments are often required, particularly in terms of product sheets, which must be very detailed, and payment options, which must be flexible and varied. »

DHL Express supports companies in the international development of omnichannel

“The B2B buyer expects the same customer experience as in B2C throughout their buying journey, argues Delphine Robin. It requires identical features: speed, convenience, flexible delivery options. » This is where the expertise of DHL Express comes into play, in particular in the know-how of cross-border sales in the European and extra-European area, but also in guaranteeing irreproachable traceability of products.

To export his cutlery to 87 countries with complete peace of mind, Pierre Jourdan, president of Les Fines Lames, needed reliability: “DHL Express teams supported us with customs rules, correctly categorizing our products, which are subject to strict and diverse import rules depending on the region of the world. It is a trusted partner with a worldwide reputation, a name that reassures buyers. Knowing that we work with DHL Express gives our company credibility. » Your partnership with DHL Express it is therefore a success. Now it knows where its packages are at all times, which it didn’t before: “We have never had any delivery issues. A package takes four days to travel from Marseille to Miami. Our US customers sometimes have problems receiving US deliveries within the same timeframes as their other partners. DHL Express delivery is seamless and meets our own quality requirements. »

Based in Mérignac, Génération Robots targets the general public and professional customers: “Our robots contain batteries, explains Julien Amiel, the logistics manager. DHL Express has trained our teams on dangerous goods, how to correctly label our packages so they are not returned to us. » The French company that exports to Germany sees the partnership with DHL Express As “obviously this reassures consumers across the Rhine”.

display the logo of DHL Express on its sales website it positions the company Merignac as serious. “When someone who doesn’t know us buys a robot, they know that we are not a shell company, that we deliver our products quickly through a reputable carrier. As delivery times are adhered to, this helps us to receive positive customer reviews. » Julien Amiel also appreciates being able to deliver quickly to professors and universities that need robots to work. “And in case of a problem, breakage or damaged packaging, we are insured by DHL Express. » And adds to conclude: “When they open a new line in a country, it inevitably helps us to gain market share, because we can export with complete safety! »

1 Gartner, “Future Sales 2025: Deliver the Digital Choices B2B Buyers Demand,” December 2020.

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