ADRA Switzerland publishes the 2021 annual report

September 20, 2022 | Bern, Switzerland | Source: ODA and EUD News

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) Switzerland published its 2021 annual report under the theme “People in Focus”. According to this report, 29 projects were carried out in 16 countries around the world in 2021, including five in Switzerland. In total, around 254,000 people were supported. The charity spent a total of CHF 5.3 million, which corresponds to 87% of the funds. Thirteen percent was spent on administrative and marketing costs.

New ADRA stores in Bern and Zurich

In spring 2021, the ADRA store in Zurich Oerlikon will open its doors. In the form of a thrift store run by eight volunteers, clothes, shoes, bags, toys, household items and decorations will be sold at low prices. The store is open to the public. People who prove welfare status receive the clothes free of charge.

In October 2021, the new ADRA store in Bern distributed sustainable food to people on a budget for the first time. Many volunteers work at the store. At the end of the year, around 100 people were supplied with food every week in this way.

Solidarity continues

In 2020, the humanitarian organization had already experienced a great wave of solidarity in relation to the coronavirus crisis, which continued into the past year, the press release said. According to the annual report, ADRA Switzerland receives 76% of its funds from institutions, 22% from private donors and 2% from the Free Church of Seventh-day Adventists in Switzerland.

Impact study in Indonesia

The annual report contains an impact study on reconstruction in Indonesia following the 2018 earthquake and tsunami. ADRA Switzerland is still active and providing assistance “four years after the disaster, with targeted and effective projects that provide immediate assistance to the population through employment measures on the one hand and future prospects in agriculture on the other.

To view the 2021 annual report, click here.

ADRA Switzerland

ADRA Switzerland is part of a global network with 118 independent country offices and approximately 7,500 full-time employees worldwide.

ADRA Switzerland was founded in 1987 as a self-help organization of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Switzerland. ADRA Switzerland is the successor to the Adventist relief organization founded in 1942 during World War II, which operated primarily in Switzerland. The ADRA Switzerland office — which has eleven employees — is located in Aarau, based in Zurich. The mutual aid organization is an association registered in the commercial register. It benefits from a tax exemption and was recertified in 2017 for a further five years by the Swiss Agency for Charities Collecting Donations (ZEWO). ADRA Switzerland is one of the chain of happiness partner aid organizations.

When identifying and implementing projects internationally, relief work primarily works with ADRA’s partner organizations on the ground. ADRA provides assistance regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion or belief, disability, age, or gender identity.

ADRA is short for Adventist Development and Relief Agency. [Adventist Development and Relief Agency en anglais]. ADRA’s slogan is: “Change the World—Justice.” Compassion. Love “.

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ADRA France

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