What is computer development?

The IT development is the process of designing and creating a computer program. It is a process that requires knowledge of programming languages ​​such as C++, Java, Python and Ruby.

The first step in computer development is designing the program. This includes deciding what the program should do and how it should do it. The next step is to write the program code. This can be done using a variety of programming languages. Once code is written, it must be tested before being put into production.

Let’s see together in broad strokes like create software with computer development

design the program

Computer development, contrary to what is often thought, is not necessarily learning to code to create programs. Rather, it’s more about design, that is, imagine the program to create the big bricks that will work together in the beginning. It’s about proposing an idea that will be beneficial to the whole world, not just your own life. Technology, used in the classroom, can also be considered a math and science subject. Computer design is the basis of programming.

Missing this step is making sure you have to debug a program every day or so and never get it working properly.

Design is therefore essential and truly represents the first stage of IT development. This step is so essential that obviously there are people who specialize in this field whose only job is to design programs without ever coding them! But what to do after conception?

code the program

This is where the generally best-known stage of computer development will come into play. People often think that coding is programming, but we saw above that it was just part of the job.

However, at some point you need to start coding the software. Although it is now possible to do IT development with No code solutions. We will see this in the next paragraph.

For now, the question to ask is “how to develop”? Should I choose a programming language? Should it be done as needed? Skills ? And this is the real difficulty of computer development.

There is no single official and valid answer all the time.

Depending on the projects, your experience and different needs, you will choose one language or another.

Programming languages ​​are the tools that programmers use to create software. These tools allow people to store and organize their thoughts in a way that a computer can do. This article talks about some of the most popular programming languages. that are in use today.

Let’s look at some examples of computer development languages.

C++ C++ is an object-oriented programming language and is one of the most popular languages ​​for writing software on Windows and Linux operating systems.

Basic is a computer development language from the 1980s Basic is a computer programming language created in the 1950s, but it has been used to create software and other programs from the 1960s to the present day. it’s easy to learn.

Python is a computer programming language widely used for the part of artificial intelligence and scripting. Python is a computer programming language created in the 1980s by Guido van Rossum. It has been open source since 2000, which means that its source code can be modified and redistributed for free for any use. Python is used for both general-purpose programming and scripting. It supports several programming paradigms, including object-oriented, imperative and functional programming or procedural styles.

HTML/CSS. These two languages ​​often go hand in hand because html serves as the basis for a website’s structure when CSS takes care of the design part.

JavaScript is primarily a web programming language. One of the main reasons JavaScript is a web programming language is that it can run in a client-side browser. This makes it an ideal choice for creating interactive web content.

test the program

Indispensable step in IT development: testing! It is prohibited to release or submit untested code. It is against the ethics of web developers or not. Untested code can be dangerous to the machine that will run it. And, of course, it’s even more serious when code created by the IT developer works.

But coding is not easy and there can be bugs. That’s why each stage of IT development will require an in-depth testing phase. The testing process involves checking your program for errors and then running it at least once to fix any errors.

The bigger the project, the more substantial the tests, of course!

Never finished IT development?

The funny and interesting side, or frustrating according to your point of view, is that computer development is never really finished. In fact, after the code is released, it should continue to evolve according to technical developments, changes in the environment, news, bug discoveries that have survived the tests.

In short, it’s exciting to develop a computer program, but it’s endless!

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