For their inputs, they opt for online purchases

Today, winegrowers looking to source agricultural inputs can turn to various e-commerce players. The different types of structures that coexist tend to expand their reach.

Agronomy, Agrossuprimentos, Agrileader, Agrilisa,, Delivagri, Fertitrade… The number of e-commerce platforms for the purchase of phytosanitary products, fertilizers, seeds and other agricultural inputs and equipment expanded considerably in recent years. Alongside commercial sites with stores and stocks, “pure players” – carrying out their activity exclusively online – but also cooperatives and traders launched themselves in this niche of online sales of agricultural supply products.

Among market players, Marne-based Agriconomye has become a heavyweight. Historically dedicated to arable crops and toolcarriers, this pure player created in 2014 then he became interested in other sectors, including viticulture. The company now has 20,000 winegrower contacts in its database, including more than 2,000 regular customers. In 2021, winegrowers accounted for 9% of their turnover. But the company aims to double that share in 2023, offering them a complete offer. As of this year, they can buy fertilizers, seeds and plant protection products that can be used in organic farming. In the coming months, they should find new inputs (changes, etc.), equipment and specific mechanical parts (vat room, straddle carriers, etc.).

100 million euros in 2020

In traditional distribution, some traders specializing in arable crops have also embarked on the digital adventure (Ternoclic, etc.). As for the Perret group, present in the wine sector, it could offer before the end of 2023 a digital platform that would serve in part as a sales tool.

In the cooperative sector, the platform, launched in late 2019, continues to grow. This online sales platform for agricultural products and services, co-built with Union InVivo cooperatives, exceeded 100 million euros in turnover in 2020. Today, 24 cooperatives and their commercial branches use the platform to supply their farmers in phytosanitary products, seeds, services (related objects, etc.), equipment, etc. Since last September, agro-equipment for vineyards and arboriculture has also been mentioned (truss wires, pruning shears, etc.). Among the ten cooperatives specializing in viticulture, three include these product lines in their online catalogues. Other cooperatives should follow.

Finally, remember that some commercial sites such as Agrileader and Agrilisa also offer specific ranges for winegrowers, in conventional and organic. Longer present in the e-commerce sector, these companies have seen this market develop and are likely to see it evolve even further in the coming years.

Fabrice Thibaudeau, winegrower, user of “It’s a complementary formula”

“I am a cereal producer and winegrower in Grézac (Charente-Maritime) with 215 hectares of cereals and 37 hectares of vineyards. I belong to the Océalia cooperative. I have been interested in the platform since its inception three years ago. I started using it for product replacement, to prepare my treatments for cereals and vines. Now, I order fungicides, biocontrol products, phosphate fertilizers for the vineyards, but also PPE. I use the platform eight to ten times a year, during off-seasons or when I forgot a product. Two days later, Océalia delivers it to my house. It’s simple, effective, practical. I gain autonomy and responsiveness. What I also think is very good is the possibility of seeing the availability of products in the different warehouses of the cooperative and being able to use the click and collect system. I’m lucky to have a warehouse 2 km from my house.
Today I start to see the other products and services of the “vine” range offered by Océalia on But I only buy products I know. If there’s anything new, I’ll talk to my trading advisor. This remains essential! I finally find the complementary formula for the relationship with my operations consultant and the warehouse manager. At first, I thought I was going to lose the proximity to the cooperative, but it’s the opposite. The relationship got stronger with better service. »

Antoine Bonfils, crop manager, agronomy user: “Prices are transparent and decreasing”

“I am the harvest manager at Domaine de Montine, in Grignan at the Drôme Provençale. We cultivate 80 hectares of vines in organic conversion, 20 hectares of lavender and 4 hectares of truffles. I’ve been using the Agriconomye website for three or four years to buy seeds that are used for mulching. Your AB seed catalog is important. With three other properties located nearby, we do a group order once a year. Prices are transparent and decreasing. Bundled delivery is done on the domain. I’m satisfied with that. The site is also well made, intuitive. I once encountered a problem on the website. Immediately, I had someone on the phone who took care of my account.
As for my other agricultural supply products, I buy them from suppliers located close to the farm, with whom I benefit from an after-sales service. That’s convenient. But, later, I intend to make more use of the Agriconomye website. I need to take the time to look at him. Their catalog is quite complete. Seems interesting. You will need to check reactivity and availability. By accessing the platform it will also help me to negotiate my purchases with my current suppliers and thus go to the highest bidder. »

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