Trophies for Eure-et-Loir companies: Qaal, Maison M. and Menuz selected in the “Start-up” category

The first edition of the Eure-et-Loir Business Trophies, organized by the republican echo and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, rewards the creativity, innovation and dynamism of the department’s companies. In each category, the winner will be chosen by the public on Tuesday night, September 20, at Chartrexpo.

Here are the 18 jury nominees for the first Eure-et-Loir Business Trophies

startup category

1) Qaal, your accounting in one app

Abdel Bekkali gave rise to the Qaal app (initially Bunqr), which manages all accounts of individual entrepreneurs.

“Often, when they want to create their company, individual entrepreneurs (craftsmen, liberal professions, etc.) and so-called freelancers (IT development, digital marketing, etc.) formalities, find a bank or an accountant”, explains Abdel. Bekkali, who created the start-up and app Qaal (initially Bunqr) in 2021, before joining his partner Nicolas Quero, an accountant.

The Qaal application is aimed at them: “From the creation of the company to the end-of-year balance sheet: we manage everything that happens between the two”, summarizes Abdel Bekkali. “It is the application itself that does the accounting, the customer has nothing to do. He is only asked to pay for his purchases with the credit card that is provided to him and to scan his purchase invoices. It knows in real time your turnover, how much you spent, what VAT you can recover, your cash balance, etc. “. At the same time, about ten employees conduct a live chat, where customers can clear all their doubts.

While Qaal’s offices are located on the Station F start-up campus in Paris, Abdel Bekkali has set up his start-up headquarters in The Place by CCI 28 incubator. It’s close to my home in Rambouillet,” he explains.

If he only has ten clients at the moment, Abdel Bekkali expects to have “80,000 or 100,000 in five years”.

2) Maison M reinvents lipstick

Marie Rocchisani hopes to commercialize, in summer 2023, a new “three-in-one” lipstick tube concept called Éclips. Online, but also on street corners, which it intends to open in large stores.

“According to several studies, it is found that a woman uses lipstick on average three times a day: morning, afternoon and night”, explains Marie Rocchisani, creator of the start-up Maison M, which is based at The Place by CCI 28. incubator in Chartres.

The idea she developed around this observation is ingenious: to have available, in the same tube, all the lipsticks she needs for every occasion of the day.

The elegantly designed tube thus produced, dubbed the Eclips, is slightly larger than a standard lipstick. “To buy it, the customer will have two possible options by accessing our application”, explains the young woman. “Select three colors yourself from a base of 60,000 different shades, or use our artificial intelligence, which will guide you in your choices taking into account different factors such as eye color, hair etc. Lab M, our machine, will produce your selected lipstick shades in one minute. Each lipstick is contained in a glass cartridge, which is easily inserted into the Eclips tube. The user just has to choose which one he wants”.

In addition to being practical, this “three in one” tube ends up being economical: it was designed to last over time and the glass cartridges are refillable. It is also respectful of the environment: the lipsticks are made only with natural and vegan products. “Also, which is rare, our lipsticks are hydrating,” says Marie Rocchisani.

3) Menuz simplifies menu organization

Menuz is a totem, a disjointed, simple and playful object that frees you from the drudgery of establishing the week’s menus.

In many families, organizing the week’s menus is a time of great anxiety. It was based on this observation that Géraldine Portal, married and mother of three, had the idea of ​​creating Menuz five years ago. “My credo: eat healthy, fresh and good without worrying about it every day.”

A year ago, thanks to a crowdfunding campaign, she registered 700 pre-orders, which allowed her to launch a first production. “These totems are 100% French. They are made in Tours”.

In the two months that it opened its virtual store, Géraldine Portal has sold 1,000 totems. “And the first feedback on social media is very encouraging. Obviously please. When users return home at night, they appreciate not asking questions. They know what they are going to eat, they have all the ingredients, the only thing left is the pleasure of making the recipe as a family”.

To use the Menuz totem, it’s very simple. The user selects the meals he wants to eat among the 100 existing recipe cards, currently in three collections (classic, fast or vegetarian). Simply drag selected recipe cards onto the totem to compose the week’s menus. “You can also buy blank cards on which you write your own recipes.” All that’s left is to scan the barcodes into the (free) Menuz app, powered by start-up V.Labs from Chartres, using your smartphone.

“The app automatically generates the corresponding shopping list, which you can update by removing the products you already own or, on the contrary, adding others.”

Ahmed Taghza and Philippe Dubois

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