Electric mobility at the heart of the Paris Motor Show – AVEM

After four years of absence, the Paris Motor Show will open its doors to the public from the 18th to the 23rd of October. As your slogan ” The revolution is on (The revolution is happening), the show aims to highlight the current evolution of the automotive industry. A profound transformation towards electrification and hyperconnectivity. Electric mobility will thus take center stage at this 2022 edition of the Paris Motor Show. Many players will be able to reveal new electric models and their know-how in terms of electrification. In turn, Avere-France will try to present and make the electric and hydrogen experience understandable to visitors at its stand. It will illustrate it with concrete use cases and cover many topics. Topics such as the ecological balance of the electric car, the electric city, equipment and charging.

Renault Group in force with many firsts

If certain brands stand out for their absence, the Renault Group will make a show of strength at the Paris Motor Show. Its brands (Renault, Dacia, Alpine and Mobilize) will offer 6 world premieres. Renault will create the event with a sporty and quirky show car as part of the R5’s 50th anniversary celebrations. Inspired by the world of video games, this spectacular 100% electric reinterpretation will combine extraordinary exuberance with top-notch performance. The diamond company will also present a preview of the modern electric version of the legendary Renault 4. In addition, Mobilize, the group’s brand dedicated to new forms of mobility, will present the production version of the Duo. A modernized and closed Twizy, with angular and futuristic lines. An electric ATV designed for car sharing, but also available to individuals through a subscription.

The Stellantis group with the Jeep Avenger as a spearhead

Some brands in the Stellantis group will skip the 2022 edition of Mondial de l’Auto. On the other hand, Peugeot will be present, starring in the debut of the new 408. A car with a unique fastback design, which mixes the codes of the SUV, sedan and coupé. Peugeot will offer it in a plug-in hybrid version, but not yet in a 100% electric version. In addition, to avoid overshadowing, Peugeot will not show the new electric versions of the 308. For 100% electric vehicles, Jeep will be the spearhead of the group at the fair. The American brand will present in detail the Jeep Avenger, an electric SUV designed for the European market. With this small SUV with a modern and technologically advanced interior, Jeep aims to attract a new clientele. Customers looking for a compact alternative with the capabilities of an all-electric Jeep.

BYD launches its offensive with 3 electric models

The Paris Motor Show will also be the stage for the launch of BYD’s offensive in the European market. Already present in Norway, the Chinese manufacturer is preparing to conquer other European countries. To achieve this achievement, BYD has three electric vehicles (two SUVs and one sedan) that it will exhibit in Paris. The BYD Han is a stylish, sporty sedan with dual electric motors and all-wheel drive. Its battery with a capacity of 85.4 kWh offers a very comfortable range of 521 km. Already marketed in Norway, the BYD Tang is a large 7-seater SUV. It combines high performance with comfort, space and safety. More compact, yet remarkably spacious, the BYD Atto 3 combines aesthetics and intelligence. According to BYD, it offers a versatile and attractive choice for many European consumers.

The Microlino for smooth mobility in urban areas

Another vehicle should attract the attention of visitors to the Mondial de l’Auto, and more particularly the younger ones. The Swiss company Micro Mobility Systems will indeed present the Microlino, a small city car that can be driven from 16 years old. This retro-look ATV is inspired by the mythical Isetta of the 1950s. Like the original Isetta, the Microlino has a front door for easy access to its small cabin. It has a 16 hp electric motor for 100 Nm of torque. An engine powered by a battery with a capacity of 14.4 kWh offering a range of 200 kilometers. A substantial autonomy obtained thanks to the vehicle weight contained in just 450 kilos. Its practicality and its safer side than a two-wheeled vehicle should allow the Microlino to attract young audiences. All the more so as it will allow you to circulate in a more ecological way.

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