EcoFlow Delta 2, a portable power station to power your devices daily

The EcoFlow Delta 2 is a large capacity portable power station that supports fast charging and solar power that can power electrical, electronic and even household appliances whether you are at home or on the go.

While energy sobriety is at the center of all concerns and an evolution of our practices in mattermatter is essential, one of the solutions for the future is in portable power plants. EcoFlow, one of the leaders in this market, specializes in green and versatile energy solutions. On the occasion of the IFA new technologies exhibition in Berlin, the company presented its latest portable power station that combines power and flexibility of use.

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With its 1,024 Wh capacity and versatile connectors, EcoFlow Delta 2 can power more than 90% of home appliances: telephones, computers, televisions, consoles video gamesvideo gameslighting, but also small and large household appliances (Washing machineWashing machine, fridgefridgemicrowave oven, hairdryerhairdryer, kitchen robot…). And thanks to its compact design, integrated handles and weight of just 12 kgkgyou can easily take it for a camping weekend, a part sinsinor an evening with friends under a starry sky.

Powers up to 13 devices simultaneously

With an output power of 1800W continuous (2400W peak), EcoFlow Delta 2 can power more than 90% of home appliances. It has a full range of sockets for all equipment: four standard electrical sockets to supply 220V, two USB-A 12W sockets, two USB-CUSB-C who support the fast chargefast charge up to 100W, as well as a 12V cigarette lighter socket. It can also charge 12V/24V, 8A car batteries. Up to 13 devices can be connected to it simultaneously. Some usage examples:

  • 89 charges at 11 W for a mobile phone;
  • 16 loads of 16W for a laptop;
  • 7 to 14 hours of power for a 120 W refrigerator;
  • 31 hours of power for a 12 W bulb;
  • 8 hours of power for a 110W TV;
  • 12-32 hours for a 60W car cooler.

Introducing EcoFlow Delta 2, a state-of-the-art power station. © EcoFlow, YouTube

Clean and free solar charging

Bluetooth enabled and WirelessWirelessDelta 2 connects to a smartphonesmartphone He atesubscriptionsubscription EcoFlow that allows you to monitor all operational parameters of the station. your battery lithiumlithium iron phosphate can complete 3,000 charge cycles before capacity drops below 80%. And thanks to the X-Stream Fast Charge 1,200 W technology, it takes just 80 minutes to recharge (from the mains) to 100% and 50 minutes to reach 80%. And if you want to meet your current electrical needs by taking an eco-responsible approach, you can also go green without sacrificing energy. speedspeed connecting EcoFlow portable solar panels. With a maximum of 500W, the Delta 2 station will be fully charged in three to six hours. It is the ideal solution for a autonomyautonomy total energy.

If the Delta 2 is primarily intended for nomadic use for those who want to travel while staying connected, it can also be very useful in sedentary mode to provide emergency power in the event of a power failure. And in this usage scenario, it is even possible to upgrade the capacity of the station by adding an additional Delta 2 battery to reach a capacity of 2048 Wh or an additional Delta Max battery to increase to 3040 Wh.

EcoFlow Delta 2 is currently the most powerful and complete portable power plant on the market. Plus, it comes with a five-year warranty. It is certainly an investment for the future of all those who care about their consumption ofenergyenergy.

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Article produced in partnership with EcoFlow

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