The story of the startup Eovolt told by its founder

We immediately thought that e-bikes would change the way we travel in cities. “, explains Baptiste Fullen. In 2016, he tried out an electric bike for the first time at a fair, accompanied by future Eovolt co-founder Luca Chevalier. ” When you try this type of bike for the first time, it’s a great feeling, there’s a feeling “, admits Baptiste Fullen. The two future entrepreneurs are interested in the market,” and there was a simple observation, most e-bikes were very similar, they have big batteries, they are heavy and bulky “. Eovolt has found its positioning: a folding, ergonomic and harmonious electric bicycle.

one click

I think I’ve always had an entrepreneurial streak “, explains Baptiste Fullen. ” When I was younger, around ten or twelve, I would go to flea markets to buy kerosene lamps that I sold on eBay. I was also self-employed to pay for my studies. Luca also had experiences and projects of this type in addition to these studies. We had that in us, but we were waiting for the right project and what made sense to start. “.

And when they try an e-bike for the first time, they get that famous click. ” We started by asking ourselves, what can we expect from an e-bike? “, explains Baptiste Fullen. Weight arrives quickly as an essential element, for ease of use, but also for combining it with other means of transport. But also to answer one of the first obstacles users have: “ users always have the mental burden of finding a place to tie it and if so, part of the bike will be stolen “. But the two future co-founders also want to offer an eye-catching design to differentiate themselves.”Luca Chevalier is a cycling enthusiast, he learned of a cyclist cheating during a competition, who had hidden an engine in his saddle post, we told ourselves why not do the same! “. Together they manage to design the bike they would like to use themselves.

The key: adapt

We managed to make two viable prototypes, starting in late 2017 “. They then start recruiting professionals to get feedback on the product.” There are good returns but we have opened many doors, we are two young people, it is a new brand “. Professionals are concerned about after-sales service, how they will be able to respond to their customers if there is a problem with the bikes and, above all, if the Eovolt does not last over time.” and it’s normal “Admits Baptiste Fullen. The duo of entrepreneurs, therefore, strives to secure their customers in this hurdle: “ We immediately made a point of honoring the quality of the products and the responsiveness of the after-sales service. Today, we have a 0.4% return on products “.

They adapted and, according to the businessman, this is the best advice he could give. Tackling the market quickly is the most constructive approach, he says. ” The sooner we have feedback, the sooner we will know if our idea might work or not. There is no such thing as a bad idea, but is there enough demand for an idea to be viable? Confronting the market, this allows you to very quickly branch out or repurpose an idea. “.

France, but also Europe

At the end of 2019, Eovolt accumulates orders and struggles to keep pace. The co-founders then look for larger facilities. In March 2020, they are about to sign a lease in the Lyon region. That same night, the president’s speech falls, confinement begins and the rent is cancelled. It’s still a matter of adaptation. Despite orders piling up, they ” return to the original facility and production continues “.

Some of our customers who have branches abroad are out of the loop before us, and there is a boom in urban bikes, especially folding bikes.”. Orders are still piling up, sometimes we are asked for all our available stocks, we do not immediately understand what is happening“, explains Baptiste Fullen. The two businessmen revise their ambitions upwards and set out again in search of a bigger building. ” We now have 2,400 square meters, with an assembly line of thirty meters “. If France was Eovolt’s preferred market, Baptiste Fullen returns to talk about readaptation. ” We had to structure ourselves to be able to respond to the demands of foreign customers, and in 2022, 50% of our revenue comes from exports. “.

The company plans to triple its production in three years. With investments in its industrial tool and new hires, Eovolt plans to grow from 18,000 bikes produced in 2022 to 50,000 by 2025.

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