Renault Tangier. Tenth anniversary and an electric car

Renault Group has just awarded the Tangier plant the manufacture of the Mobilize DUO, the first electric vehicle dedicated to shared mobility, during the celebration of the 10th anniversary of its plant in Tangier. A true catalyst for the transformation of the Moroccan automotive industry, the factory opened on February 9, 2012 by King Mohammed VI has produced 2,360,000 vehicles since its launch in 2012, to more than 70 destinations around the world. It allowed the emergence of an automotive ecosystem, which is still growing.

The Minister of Industry and Commerce, Ryad Mezzour, underlined on this occasion: “Today we celebrate a successful partnership that opens up strategic and promising horizons. Renault once again consolidates its leading role in the development of the automotive sector in Morocco; a sector that is making its transition to electrification and sustainable mobility with safe steps. The launch of production of the first electric vehicle in the chains of Tangier illustrates the stated attractiveness of the Moroccan platform under the leadership of King Mohammed VI. We have the means and the skills to achieve our objective and respond to our challenge”.

In turn, José Vicente de Los Mozos, Industrial Director of the Group and Director of the Iberian division of the Renault Group, highlighted that the Tangier plant is the flagship of the Moroccan automotive industry. Its growth continues, according to him, inseparable from the success story of the Dacia brand in Morocco and around the world, in addition to being at the heart of the manufacture of all generations of the Dacia Sandero, the best-selling vehicle for private individuals in Europe since 2017 and best-seller. in Morocco, guaranteeing the success of “Made in Morocco”.

“Revolutionary and a symbol of neutral carbon without the discharge of industrial effluents, the factory affirms its position in the industrial system of the group”, he stressed, underlining that Morocco is for the Renault Group one of the pillars of its industrial competitiveness and a fundamental player in the Strategic Plan. “Renaulution”.


The Auto24 team in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

UMT SG Miloudi Moukharik specified that this ceremony is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of the Tangier factory and the success of the social partnership between UMT and the Renault group, which is based on dialogue, negotiation and a win-win approach.

The expansion of the Renault Group’s industrial platform in Morocco made it possible to launch an in-depth project on the automotive ecosystem. Thus, from 2016 onwards, agreements were born for the development of the Renault Ecosystem, aiming to increase the group’s local integration rate to 65% and the revenue obtained to 1.5 billion euros from 2023. .

Growing from 26 to 76 Tier 1 suppliers and building on the achievements of this agreement, the Group announced in 2021 the signing of a new phase of the Renault ecosystem aiming at 80% local integration and a target of €3 billion. Time.

This new industrial dynamic contributes to the rise of the ecosystem, the installation of new suppliers and the development of new technologies.

With this new commitment, the Group intends to consolidate the positioning of the Moroccan automotive industry and of “made in Morocco” on a regional and international scale.

Through an ecosystem in Morocco that continues to strengthen itself by creating value, jobs and contributing to the exponential increase in exports in the automotive sector, the Moroccan industrial platform thus consolidates its place in the TOP 5 industrial countries of the Renault Group.

Mobilize Duo, 1st electric vehicle in the Tangier chains

The DUO Mobilize, the first electric vehicle dedicated to shared mobility, will be manufactured at Renault's plant in Tangier.

The DUO Mobilize, the first electric vehicle dedicated to shared mobility, will be manufactured at Renault’s plant in Tangier.

The Tangier factory, one of the pillars of the group’s industrial system, will host the production of the Mobilize DUO. The introduction of the DUO at the Tangier plant will be supported by the investment in a new assembly line with an expandable capacity to 17,000 vehicles per year, which will integrate the specific process with the specificity of an electric vehicle.

This new project reinforces the group’s confidence in the Moroccan industrial platform and begins the introduction of Moroccan-made electrification technologies announced in June 2021 during the renewal of agreements aimed at consolidating the Renault ecosystem.

Mobilize DUO is a shared mobility solution designed to meet the needs of cities and car-sharing operators. Vehicle for two people, 100% electric, compact and connected, the Mobilize DUO intends to integrate 50% of recycled materials in its manufacture and to be recyclable, at the end of its useful life, by 95%.

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