Do international ecommerce with Shopify Markets.

Shopify markets allows you to make a sale to buyers around the world and easily manage complex issues related to currency conversion, import taxes and fees, translations and payment methods. These elements sometimes prevent traders from publicizing their activities internationally. This solution may therefore be a better option!

Apresentation of Shopify markets

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The complexities of cross-border commerce are truly pervasive and equally daunting for e-commerce merchants. Various regulations and compliance requirements can make international sales a little difficult, not to mention the complexity of domain names, import fees and taxes, different currencies, local translations, and Furthermore.

The list is long, but the mission of Shopify is to solve these problems with its new feature markets.

The different features of Shopify markets

To facilitate the sale to consumers, Shopify offers several features.

Increase in conversion rate

Sell ​​internationally with Shopify Markets
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Conversion rate is the percentage of website visitors or users web site making a purchase. Getting your users to pay in their local currency is a great conversion booster. In fact, this pre-prepares the amount consumers will face at checkout, where the new rate calculated at checkout may disappoint them.

the platform Shopify believes that stores that offer localized pricing generally increase conversion rates by up to 40%.

Shopify markets provides automatic currency conversion for over 130 global currencies. Likewise, price updates for your store windows will be automatic.

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local translation

Now many e-stores still do not provide accurate local translation as they expand to the world. Shopify reports that 65% of more than 8,000 customers in 29 countries choose to view content in their local language.

Thanks to Shopify marketsYou can use third-party apps to translate your store’s content today. The language of a website web site will be automatically converted according to the API that Shopify detects in the customer’s country.

The translation was created on every page of your storefront and during the checkout process. This will allow for a smooth shopping experience at any location.

Automatic calculation of import duties and taxes

When you order a product online, you want to know if you have to pay duties imposed by claiming your packages. However, this leads to chargebacks and refunds as these fees are not specified during the checkout process.

Before customers complete their purchases, e-commerce stores must provide this information in advance. Fortunately, with Shopify marketsthis information will be updated automatically. This feature also charges import duties and taxes. If customers pay these additional fees upfront, they won’t be surprised when they pick up their parcel.

Different payment methods

Selling Internationally with Shopify Marketplaces
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All customers prefer the payment method depending on their location. Shopify markets take advantage of this by recommending the most popular payment gateways. In addition, it allows you to accept payments from site visitors. web site using the payment provider.

Successful international domains

Shopify markets lets you easily and efficiently configure country or region-specific domains. If you use a region-specific domain for your store, it can improve your SEO. Plus, there’s a good chance it will increase your online credibility and increase conversions.

Inventory information displayed by execution location

If your store has a shipping associate in another country shipping only to the United States, Shopify markets it only helps consumers in that market see the shipping partner’s available stock.

This is very important as managing international warehouses in many locations can be complex. Shoppers will receive conflicting product availability details, which can hurt store conversion rates.

By opting in to this feature, you can avoid cases where an order is placed but not shipped. This way, Shopify markets Automatically changes your store’s inventory based on product availability.


All resources are compiled and collected in the dashboard which can be found under Market Settings Internal process Shopify. Here you have the option to check all international domains, payment gateways, translations and much more.

It provides an overview of all stores operating in various locations through Shopify Marketplace. This makes administration and management easier. Likewise, it covers national and international stores. To properly study market performance and adjust strategies, the dashboard also offers tailored monitoring and analysis.

smart settings

You will feel a little overwhelmed with all the options you have when opening the panel Shopify markets. At first, selling to a multitude of new markets can seem pretty daunting.

This setup helps you determine the most efficient way to sell to new markets. You can also turn off smart settings if you think you can control everything.

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