the electric compact that will hurt the competition a lot!

A few days before its official presentation, we were able to see MG 4 live. The manufacturer allowed us to board the electric compact and take a tour.

We also had a lot of information hitherto unknown, including prices. This first overview allows us, in particular, to link perceived quality, data and price.

An elegant presentation and a successful design

What surprises first and foremost with this MG is the attention to detail. The Chinese brand is actively working on the personality of its vehicles and this 4 is proof of that.

Its compact line is dynamic thanks to a sloping roof and a black C-pillar (behind the tailgate), which gives the appearance of a floating pavilion. In the Luxury version that we were able to approach, the car ran on 17-inch wheels with a two-tone aerodynamic hubcap.

Thanks to a black reinforced underside and a black roof on the Luxury version, the MG 4’s line is refined. LED front lights are available in all versions and give the compact a pleasant personality.

The rear of the MG 4 is distinguished from the Luxury version by three specific features. The first is the double spoiler that extends the roof and offers a sportier line to the compact.

The second is the strip of light that crosses the trunk and is reserved for the top-of-the-line version. Finally, the “Constellation” lights located under the rear window are also a specific aesthetic detail.

The set offers a very qualitative overall look, for a car that wants to rival the Volkswagen ID.3. And inside, the impression is the same.

The MG 4 offers ergonomics and quality

As we will see later, the battery fits perfectly into the car’s platform. Thus, the MG 4 offers a good interior space for passengers. In addition, this platform offers a wheelbase of 2.71 meters in a length of 4.29 meters, which helps to save space.

The driving position is minimalist, as is the rest of the cabin. Two screens overlook the dashboard, a 7-inch display behind the steering wheel for instrumentation and a 10.25-inch display on top of the center console for vehicle information and entertainment.

The two-spoke steering wheel offers a modern look, while the floating center console, on which the mode selector and handbrake are located, allows for good storage space between the seats, in front of the center armrest.

We appreciate the foamed plastics throughout the dashboard, while the upholstery is fabric for the two basic finishes. The Luxury finish offers a mix of fabric and vegan leather, always appreciable in these times of quest for sustainability.

In the back, there’s enough legroom for an adult just over six feet tall. In terms of roof height, there is a lot of scope for this model.

The trunk offers a useful volume of 363 liters, which can reach 1,177 liters. In this case, you have to fold the seat 2/3-1/3, and it forms an almost flat floor with the trunk. The latter offers a double bottom to store the cables, which also allows the bottom to be lowered.

Two batteries and two motors

MG wanted to offer versions of its compact for all budgets. This involves varying configurations, especially in terms of motors and batteries.

Two engines are offered, the least efficient developing 125 kW of power, or 170 horsepower. This accompanies the first of the two batteries in the basic version of the vehicle.

It offers a capacity of 51 kWh and has the particularity of being an LFP battery. It is therefore composed of lithium, iron and phosphate, which limits the use of cobalt and nickel.

The second battery, with a capacity of 64 kWh, comes with a 150 kW motor, or just over 203 horsepower. Present in both high quality finishes, it is standard in terms of materials, with nickel, manganese and cobalt.

MG worked on the “One Pack” concept, which allows for optimal battery integration. Thus, the pack has a height of only 11 centimeters, which allows for a vertical space in the cabin. Also, the center of gravity is obviously lower.

This modular MSP platform is the work of SAIC, the parent company of MG, which also manufactures Volkswagens in China. In particular, it allows the MG 4 to display a 50:50 weight distribution despite rear-wheel drive.

It’s worth noting that, at the moment, MG only offers rear-wheel drive versions. However, an all-wheel drive version is in the works, with a second engine at the front. In any case, there is space under the hood of the compact and therefore it can develop more than 400 horsepower.

What autonomy for the MG 4?

Depending on the engine and battery, the MG 4 has two different ranges. The 51 kWh battery and 170 horsepower engine can travel 350 kilometers on one charge, according to the WLTP cycle. With the 64 kWh battery, the range increases to 450 kilometers in the WLTP cycle.

The DC fast charging power with the LFP battery is 117 kW. With the 64 kWh package, this power can reach 135 kW. MG has not bet on a very high power, but guarantees that the peak of 135 kW can be reached in up to 60% of the recharge.

The time to go from 10% to 80% battery is not much different. The small LFP battery will take 40 minutes to do this, compared to 35 minutes for the NMC package.

Likewise, the acceleration performance will be quite close, in advantage of the less powerful version. The 30 horsepower difference is in fact offset by the weight difference. It will take 7.7 seconds for the less powerful to perform 0 to 100 km/h, against 7.9 seconds for the 200 horsepower version. The maximum speed limit is 160 km/h in both cases.

Three versions from 22,990 euros

After that first discovery, it was obviously a question of asking for the bill. And in these times of all kinds of increases in the price of cars, the surprise was very good. As we recently announced, it is clearly below its competitors.

MG thus sells its MG 4 in the Standard version from 28,990 euros, excluding bonuses. That brings its price, currently, to 22,990 euros, with the 51 kWh battery and the 170 horsepower motor.

The second version, Comfort, incorporates the 204 horsepower engine and 64 kWh battery. For this one, it is necessary to count 32,990 euros before deducting the bonus. This brings its price to 26,990 euros.

Finally, for the Luxury version that we saw, which has many options including iSmart connectivity, 360-degree camera, leather/vegan fabric upholstery or external aesthetic details, it costs 34,990 euros. This brings this top of the range to €28,990 after deducting the bonus.

MG confirms, there are no options in the catalog, with the exception of metallic paint and white upholstery. Otherwise, the equipment is unique for each finish.

To top it off, MG will offer an LLD offer in France on the occasion of the launch of the electric compact. The Standard version will start from €249 including VAT per month for 48 months and 40,000 kilometers. The contribution of 6,000 euros being canceled by the bonus, the first monthly payment can start from 249 euros. Which puts the MG 4 on the market very well, while the model surpasses 500 pre-orders in France.

Orders are open today. The first deliveries should take place at the end of September, as the compact has recently arrived in Europe.

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