Tesla will lack aftermarket subscribers

Across the Atlantic, JD Power’s quality surveys are trusted in the automotive industry. The organization had to face the facts on the occasion of the publication, at the end of June, of its 36th annual study: Covid has disrupted everything, the scores obtained by all brands have never been so low… However, the 84,165 buyers of new vehicles contacted for the so-called initial quality study gave some interesting opinions: in their opinion, the brand that does best is Buick, with 139 problems reported for 100 cars in use, knowing that the average for 2022 is 180 problems per 100 vehicles. At the bottom of the rankings are some unexpected brands: Audi, Volvo or Tesla, which has a ratio of 226 reported concerns per 100 cars. A very acceptable score, which echoes the one obtained during a similar operation carried out in Europe a few months ago.

Consumer organizations from Belgium, France, Spain, Italy and Portugal carried out a satisfaction survey with 52,430 drivers in the Old Continent. With a 60% satisfaction rating, “Elon Musk’s electric car has the lowest score of any brand,” the study concluded, just weeks ahead of JD Power’s… What is happening to these electric cars so popular with buyers in 2021 that orders have been stalled for months in France? Missing components? But also a maintenance that leaves something to be desired: “My Tesla Model 3 received on March 5, 2022 has been broken since April 21, 2022 with 3,234 kilometers on the odometer”, says an owner, whose only interlocutor is an application. should give you news of the spare part destined to solve your problems. Until June 15, “there is still no news about the play. The deadline has just passed to July 31. It gets boring…”, he explains. But, surprise! On June 28, the part arrives, and the man leaves behind the wheel of his Tesla after… two months of immobilization.

To absent subscribers…

And this message received from another Model 3 owner: “Our parts department informs us that there is a very high volume of back orders for the fan needed to repair your car and could not give us a more accurate date at this time.” This famous element will finally arrive after three months! But the worst is, without a doubt, for broken down vehicles: “Given the wait, I would rather have the insurance declare my vehicle economically irreparable, I could have ordered a new one”, complains one, while another explains having seen his car immobilized for eight months, the time during which all the spare parts needed for the repair are gathered. For this smallpox-spotted Tesla owner, it’s a cold shower: no brand-approved repairman in his house, so he has to head to Île-de-France with a car that loses pieces of windshield while driving. “New high-capacity structures will soon open their doors”, we promised on the side of Tesla’s French management, questioned by us about the bodywork problems. Meanwhile, in exasperation, some French owners directly challenged Elon Musk on Twitter, as it is his favorite medium. But the brand’s CEO would not have followed the disappointed after-sales messages. Tesla France advances a “current international context that is not favorable to production and delivery, in particular with regard to spare parts”, to explain the tension of various owners.

violation of law

Tesla therefore appears to be in dire need of spare parts to maintain its rolling stock. But there’s no question of exploring the rare used parts available: “Some repair shops and insurance companies may suggest using non-original equipment or refurbished parts to save money. However, these parts do not meet the standards for quality, fitment, and strength. corrosion,” a Tesla Model S owner’s manual clearly states. A Tesla only suffers from being coated again! A position that, however, is in contradiction with French law: in addition to the vehicle’s warranty period, the mechanic is obliged to offer a repair quote with used parts.

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legal actions

These recurring problems have finally convinced some to step up, across the world. In the Netherlands, Tesla Claim was created, a foundation that decided to take the alleged flaws of the brand to justice: “Tesla sold cars promising that they were virtually maintenance-free and that they were “a service-oriented brand. We don’t think Tesla wants to cooperate in finding solutions that make the customer happy, which is what you would expect from a company that sells luxury cars,” says the foundation. In South Korea, the association Citizens United for Sovereignty consumer also decided to file a complaint against the brand due to the recurring defects linked to the door handles. In Norway, the country’s consumer council has also chosen to take legal action: it accuses the manufacturer of untimely updates on cars that would reduce their power by 30%: 129 complaints were registered. . According to Carnewschina, “Tesla is first in the ranking of dissatisfaction with the protection of Chinese consumer rights”: the brand did not have an adequate attitude towards an alleged braking defect of one of its models in China. Admittedly, information in this country remains subject to caution, but most Model 3s delivered to France are manufactured there.

low cost service

Tesla’s attitude issues are becoming a real topic on their own. This is precisely what leads many owners to swear that it will be their first and last Tesla, but also to take the iron to the courts: “Tesla needs to train in the French service”, says one of the animators of the Tesla Mag website, “because it is not right about your customers and the image they want to convey. After a while, people turn their backs.” Especially since Tesla is a brand whose sales prices have risen sharply recently – over 16% for a base Model 3 in less than a year – and where repair prices are nearing their peak. According to the SRA association, which works on behalf of insurers in France, only the Porsche brand is even more expensive to repair. An observation that will undoubtedly get even worse with the widespread use of the Tesla Model Y and its molded aluminum front and back panels: “Tesla does it because it costs less,” notes François Brodier, bodywork engineer at the Cesvi’s service ( Center for training and technical research applied to the area of ​​car insurance), but the problem with molten aluminum is that when it is molten, about 3% of air bubbles remain. unlike steels which are stretched and flattened to increase their strength.” However, each panel alone replaces dozens of parts…

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