Laboratoires Kôl, in Clermont-Ferrand: two years and ready to spend the second

Viewed from Clemont-Ferrand, the pharmaceutical industry in the field of ophthalmology is not limited to Théa. Not far from the Brézet-based giant of the sector, another company is digging its groove, in start-up mode: Kôl laboratories.

Kôl, to evoke the kohl still used in makeup, but which the Egyptians created 4,000 years ago to alleviate eye infections. Sophie Momège would like to recall this reference, she who created her company in 2020, two years after leaving… Théa, where she worked for twenty-three years.

accelerate this year

“I then worked as a consultant, mainly for the Lyon-based company Alept, developing eye drops designed to prevent corneal transplant rejection. With my regulatory expertise, I participated in the end of development, industrialization and registration phase. Despite not doing marketing per se, I decided to launch myself with the license of this first product. “And in a niche market, which does not scare the leader, on the contrary.

Trophy. In 2015, Sophie Momège won the Women in the Economy Trophy, female manager category, while working at Théa.

“There are other unmet needs in corneal pathologies and we want to address them. A second product, messenger RNA eye drops to treat new vessels in the cornea that can lead to blindness, was acquired from a Swiss development company. It’s about to be released.Sophie Momège and her collaborators from the Kôl laboratories, based in Turing 22. Photo Francis Campagnoni

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This will be the work of the end of 2022, as well as the acceleration of the commercialization of the first product.

“We want to grow in France and we are starting to export via Morocco. Then it will be Tunisia. We also target Europe more broadly. »

In addition to its market niches, the company also intends to develop, through partnerships, pathologies other than the cornea to which its products can respond.

Kôl laboratories now have seven employees, for a turnover of €1.9 million in 2021. Sophie Momège, monopolized like any manager by the company’s own operation, will further expand its team with an office manager and a third field employee, to present the products to doctors.

Moving to Cataroux?

Hosted at Village by CA, at the Turing 22 coworking center in Clermont-Ferrand, the company and its manager benefit from valuable advice and connections. “I like this way of working and the rich exchanges of coworking”, says Sophie Momège, who would see herself extending her adventure to the future innovation center that should open in Cataroux in 2024. Meanwhile, Kôl should negotiate an important meeting in November: the COP&S congress, in Tours, where its new product will be presented.

€200 million for Parc Cataroux, a symbol of the ongoing metamorphosis in Clermont-Ferrand

Patrice Campo
Twitter: @patricelmt

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