how to develop it through events?

There are several techniques to develop your activity on the Internet. Any event, regardless of its size, allows you to promote your e-commerce site. Fair, festival, symposium, or others, you will always find a prospecting opportunity. So, here’s everything you need to know about this technique, still unknown to the general public?

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Why promote your e-commerce site during an event?

  • ONE practical solution : During a virtual event, you will no longer need to create destination traffic. He is already present. So, you must attract the attention of your targets with various prospecting techniques.
  • ONE economical solution : you will only pay the booth rent, and that’s it. Once there, you will only pay for the goodies and your media costs. Compared to traditional surveys, you will save hundreds of euros.
  • ONE original solution : because yes, not all guests and participants of an event expect your presence. If you know how to do this, you can capture their attention and turn them into loyal customers.
  • ONE easy to implement solution : you will not think of sophisticated prospecting strategies. Here you just need to attract traffic attention and promote your brand. Nothing too difficult.

For whom ?

Everyone can promote their e-commerce site during an event. However, the strategies will not be the same depending on the situation:

  • O self-entrepreneurs : or freelancers are welcome. They will have the opportunity to attract a large number of customers in a short time.
  • O SMEs and SMEs : Young businesses can also promote their e-commerce site during any event.
  • O big companies : For these e-commerce giants, this prospecting will just be a surplus in their large-scale campaign.
  • All e-commerce website owners.

How to prepare for prospecting?

No, you are not going to blindly jump into this prospecting strategy. You must adopt the good strategies to better attract traffic attention. Remember, attendees will not come to your booth at first sight. You have to capture their attention in order for them to come to you. And this is the great challenge of this atypical prospection. Here are some tips to help you succeed.

Event choice:

this is the game the most important in your exploration. Bet on an event in harmony with your e-commerce site, the products you sell, the services you offer and your brand values.

Your bespoke event

Impress your guests by organizing an event in their image. From the conference, to the product launch and the company night, they make this moment unforgettable.

If you sell beauty products, organic products or others, the fairs are made for you. If you sell high-tech products, the festivals games and IT are the events you should focus on.

The tent:

yes you will promote your e-commerce website during an event. A large number of participants will be interested in your products. They will visit your booth throughout the day. If possible, bet on a vast space, which can accommodate dozens of visitors at the same time. That way, you’ll hit more targets and be more likely to seduce your customers.

O classic stands will also do the trick, but you have to put all your chances on your prospecting technique.


Several ideas are at your disposal during the design your media. Pamphlets are the most practical and the most recommended. On two pages, you can display your e-commerce products, as well as your online store. Don’t forget the contact details of your e-commerce store, your website, your pages, etc. Something to give your future customers a taste.

Alternatively, you can opt for brochures, with 4 pages. To capture the public’s attention, banners are the references. Use all the means of communication at your disposal to attract your customers. So you can put on festive music to get attention. This technique is effective, especially at fairs. But it is not recommended during business conferences.


Even if you promote your e-commerce site, you can still put your products in the view of visitors. That way you can give them an idea of ​​the quality of your products, dimensions and design. But don’t go overboard, as 3-5 products are enough for a small booth. But for imposing stands, it is necessary to exhibit more than ten products.

Is your event coming up?

Call our team of experts who will find the service providers you need as quickly as possible. An unforgettable event in record time!

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