Femmes des Territoires joins forces with the Digital Accelerator to strengthen the training of its members in e-commerce – France

Released in 2020, the digital accelerator was designed to support, step by step, all French entrepreneurs in their digital transformation and help them develop their online businesses. The program, which is free and open to all, comprises over 120 online training modules covering a wide range of subjects, from marketing to logistics and choosing a sales strategy. More than 20,000 entrepreneurs have already joined the program.

“Founded on mutual aid and the sharing of skills and experiences, the association Femmes des Territoires aims to facilitate and accelerate the creation of businesses by women throughout France, promoting the emergence of communities at the local level – only a third of the companies registered in the O Commercial and Business Registration are managed by women. Amazon’s Digital Accelerator offers concrete solutions for the development of entrepreneurship in France and is an asset for female entrepreneurship more specifically. In 2022, two-thirds of managers still perceive digitization as a constraint. We are convinced that digital is an accelerator of female entrepreneurship. Thanks to this partnership, women entrepreneurs will be connected to a community of experts that will allow them to be accompanied in its technological transition, a real lever for the development and growth of its businesses. »

Céline André

General Delegate of the Association Femmes des Territoires

As part of its partnership with Femmes des Territoires, and to offer support that meets the expectations of French women entrepreneurs as closely as possible, the Digital Accelerator will offer a first bootcamp dedicated to female entrepreneurship in 2023.

“With 30% of companies selling on our marketplace led by women, we are seeing a real appetite among women for entrepreneurship, but there is still a long way to go to enable better representation of women in business creation. . E-commerce represents an opportunity to support women in their entrepreneurial ambitions and that is what we intend to promote through this partnership with Femmes des Territoires, democratizing training in digital tools. »

Clara Getzel

Amazon.fr Market Manager

In France, Amazon’s activities open up growth opportunities for companies and today more than 13,000 French VSEs and SMEs rely on Amazon.fr to develop their activities in France and abroad, as lifthyma vegan and natural artisan products workshop led by Sarah Kanj, who explains: “Without Amazon, I wouldn’t have such quick and easy access to a wide range of customers, nor benefit from logistical support, which was difficult to manage on my own when I started.”

The Digital Accelerator: promoting the development and growth of French VSEs/SMEs

While 78% of VSE/SME managers in France consider digital technology to be a real benefit to their business, only 20% of French VSE/SMEs currently have their own online commercial website. [source: baromètre France Num de la Transformation numérique des TPE/PME en France]. The Digital Accelerator aims to democratize access to e-commerce for French companies.

The training offered by Digital Accelerator covers business creation, the development of an e-commerce website, marketing analysis, but also advice for the development of your brand on social networks and training in Amazon tools and services. The program is regularly expanded with new content, always designed with partners specializing in digital, who provide their support and business know-how at the service of the digitization of French companies.

“Like any nascent brand, the first objective is above all to make its products known to as many people as possible and e-commerce has been a tremendous accelerator of development. But you still need to know the main features: how to create an online store, a product sheet, which looks to favor, etc. Digital Accelerator allowed us to train quickly and for free thanks in particular to webinars and bootcamps. For example, we participated in a workshop dedicated to social networks that allowed us to better understand their use to maximize the visibility of our company and our products. »

Laura Dufour

Co-founder of Ticky-Tacky, a children’s stationery brand

“Digital offers us multiple opportunities that allow us to make our brand better known, expand the visibility of our products, but also better understand our market segment and, consequently, our customers. It’s a real job that takes time and skills. The key to success is being accompanied from the beginning by experts and the association between Women of the Territories and the Digital Accelerator will allow all women who want to start, truly carry out their digitization projects. »

Athenians of Lima

Founder of luminous connected bike helmets brand, Be Mojoo

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