E-commerce, Zipline and Jumia to launch drone home delivery in Africa

Having products ordered on the internet delivered to your home by drone will soon be possible in Africa thanks to Zipline and Jumia.

The initiative aims to make automated and on-demand deliveries for e-commerce in Africa. Jumia, the leading e-commerce platform in Africa, and Zipline, the world’s largest provider of instant delivery services, announce a collaboration in this regard.

A pilot program and tests were launched a few months ago in Ghana.

This collaboration will integrate Zipline’s automated, on-demand delivery system with Jumia’s existing distribution network. It will have the advantage of allowing consumers to have the products they want delivered instantly and on demand, right when they want to receive them, from the comfort of their own home.

“Using the latest instant delivery technology will enable Jumia to offer its users on-demand delivery of the products they need – instantly. Whether ordering electronics, fashion, health and beauty or other categories, Zipline’s instant delivery system will promote fast and convenient delivery. This will support Jumia’s commitment to sustainability and innovation and facilitate access to rural and remote areas where conventional delivery services struggle to operate.”underlined Apoorva Kumar, executive vice president of Jumia, director of operations of the Jumia Group.

A first test was carried out in different situations, with various products. This test made it possible to travel up to 2,500 km. Deliveries to Jumia’s remote centers, located up to 85 km from the take-off site of Zipline’s Omenako (Ghana) operations center were made in less than an hour, and everyone involved in the delivery process was able to see the drone in action. real time. Eventually, the project should be extended to Côte d’Ivoire and Nigeria, and then to other countries.

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“Zipline is excited to partner with Jumia to improve the lives of consumers in Africa through instant delivery. This collaboration will facilitate consumers’ access to goods and help small and medium-sized businesses grow. Zipline’s secure and efficient instant delivery system will make shopping on Jumia even more convenient, reliable and accessible for its users.”indicated Daniel Marfo, first vice president of Zipline Africa.

Jumia’s distribution network includes more than 30 warehouses and more than 3,000 collection points, spread across the Jumia market in 11 countries. In 2020, Jumia announced that its logistics service would be accessible to third parties wishing to take advantage of its network, technology and experience to make last-mile deliveries in the 11 African countries where the platform is operational.

Zipline’s instant delivery system, meanwhile, is comprised of a world-class autonomy platform, a fleet of light and electric aircraft and flight management systems that help reduce gas emissions by 98% compared to the delivery of cars. This system is designed to allow all consumers, both in urban and remote areas, to access the products they need in 45 minutes or less, reducing delivery-related carbon emissions by 98% last mile compared to cars. traditional.

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Jumia’s partnership with Zipline is part of its commitment to providing consumers with cost-effective and ecologically responsible delivery of online orders. In addition to its partnership with Zipline, Jumia works with Solar Taxi in Ghana and eBee in Kenya to achieve a complete ecological footprint through clean, sustainable renewable energy.

About Jumia

Jumia is the leading e-commerce platform in Africa. It consists of an online marketplace, Jumia Logistics and JumiaPay. The platform helps millions of consumers and sellers to connect and transact. Jumia Logistics enables the delivery of millions of packages through a network of local partners. JumiaPay facilitates the settlement of online transactions for the Jumia ecosystem. With over a billion people and 500 million internet users in Africa, Jumia believes that e-commerce makes people’s lives easier, helping them to shop and pay for millions of products at the best prices, with little, no matter where they live. E-commerce also creates new growth opportunities for SMEs and employment opportunities for a new generation.

about zipline

Zipline is the world leader in instant delivery. Our goal is to drive the creation of opportunities, transform systems and serve all people equally. We design, manufacture and operate the world’s largest automated on-demand delivery service, which to date has made more than 370,897 commercial deliveries, as well as the delivery of more than five million doses of vaccines and other medical products, reducing delivery emissions. by up to 98% compared to traditional methods. Zipline is the trusted partner for governments, global brands and major healthcare systems.

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