, the start-up that provides access to legal and financial information for companies.

Find out more at is a free website that provides access to legal, legal and financial information of French companies registered in the commercial and business register. You can get all the data you are looking for on its website thanks to its abundant database: Kbis statements, annual accounts, intra-community VAT numbers, company documents, balance sheets, statutes, collective agreement, etc.

The startup is dedicated to bringing daily updated open data to as many people as possible. It has a website accessible to all citizens and organizations that normally do not have access to this data in normal times. In fact, the company provides free access to this data that, until now, was only accessible through certain groups that charged a fee for service.

LegalTech allows you to check the health and situation of many French companies before establishing a partnership, signing a contract, an agreement, etc. It collects data from INSEE, Inpi, French government website, Bodacc and also private and paid APIs. In addition, itself carries out surveys with companies to make their data even more complete and reliable.

You can download more than 80 million documents for free to consult at any time in its powerful search engine, which includes around 10 million French companies. Even people who are not familiar with computers can use its search engine because its platform is ergonomic and accessible. This allows all professionals and individuals to obtain information about an entity quickly and easily.

Having the right information is one of the essential rules for investing. By obtaining information about French companies, even confidential ones, you can determine whether your investments or your partners will be retained.

What is open data?

Open Data is the expression used to designate open data. This data has the following main characteristics:

  • Access: everyone can have access thanks to networks. It is downloadable and structured information.
  • They can be reusable: anyone can use them without limitation. The uses of this data remain free without any restrictions.
  • Data within Open Data can be redistributed by anyone. They must be provided with terms that facilitate redistribution.

The hallmark of open data is interoperability. Interoperability is the foundation of open data. This expression refers to the ability of different systems to work together.

These data are provided by the government and public institutions. They are essential to understand and know the situation of an organization. makes your open data visually understandable for everyone. It is the ideal partner in your information efforts.

Open data is found in everything from health and the environment to finance, science, transport, culture, sport and more. Transparency and knowledge sharing are two of the biggest benefits of open data.

What formulas does the digital platform offer? has quickly established itself as a leader in the legal data market thanks to its innovative formulas. The digital platform offers two formulas: Free and limited access or a monthly subscription of €49.90 per month: it gives access to downloads of 5 Kbis per month, to obtain the contacts of the company’s administrators, unlimited access to VAT intra-numbers community information, Siret/Siren notices, and legal information.

A much better price than those offered by the competition. The start-up chose to offer a paltry price so that everyone can have access to its services, even those who don’t have a substantial budget.

Additionally, an additional offering is about to be released, a legal monitoring tool that alerts you to important legal changes coming soon.

Thanks to the platform, you can get information about a company’s business in just a few clicks. Thanks to it, you can find out everything about a company in just a few clicks. You can use this information wherever you are.

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