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The Ferrari Arlesian finally arrives. Purosangue offers a look between station wagon and SUV, all with performance worthy of a Ferrari thanks to an atmospheric 725 hp V12!

Announced several years ago, it makes some customers salivate, while purists cry. It’s a fact: there will be an SUV in the Ferrari range. Well, almost… During the presentation to the press of the Purosangue, in the heart of its site in Maranello (Italy), the Cavalo Empinado made a point of honor to specify that this model is not an SUV. Benedetto Vigna, the brand’s new boss, says it is “opening up a new segment” and that “this car is unlike any other”. However, looking at it, we find some of the melodies of FF or GTC4Lusso raised, while the front and rear resemble a Roma.

The line is next to a station wagon, with a long hood and a sloping tailgate. The aerodynamics are very elaborate, with flanks hollowed out in the fenders or hood, and a suspended rear spoiler. However, Purosangue (for thoroughbred in Italian) likes to confuse the issue. Contrasting wheel arches and sills (paint black or carbon fiber) reinforce the SUV look. The size is imposing, with 4.97 m in length by 2.03 m in width and, mainly, 1.59 m in height. As for weight, the beast displays 2180 kg fully fueled. The new rims are equipped with 255/35 R22 tires at the front and 315/30 R23 at the rear!

4 doors and 4 seats, a first for Ferrari

In terms of style, the surprise comes from the rear doors. The Pureblood is the first four-door Ferrari marketed in 75 years. The openings are antagonistic, with a 79° electric opening system to the rear. Enough to give a good feeling of space, even if the center column is kept. The cabin has four real seats, with large leather or Alcantara seats. As for the trunk, it is huge for a Ferrari with 473 liters.

On board, the Ferrari Purosangue It has no center screen or integrated navigation. The display is through two screens facing passengers. The driver’s display logically displays the counters as well as smartphone duplication thanks to Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. The second, facing the passenger, is used for the multimedia system. The dual panel incorporates some physical controls, including air conditioning. Nice wink: the gearbox control reverts to the H-shaped grille design of old Ferraris with manual gearboxes.

A V12 atmosphere under the hood

Under the reverse-opening hood, Ferrari engineers decided to put an atmospheric V12 without any hybridization. An assumed choice that contrasts with its recent models equipped with hybridization. It is not excluded that the range will be extended later, but the V12 6.5 with dry sump is, at the moment, the only choice. This, associated with a The new eight-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox develops a whopping 725 hp. Power is fully exploited at 7,750 rpm, and the red zone rises to 8,250 rpm. 80% of the maximum torque is already available from 2,100 rpm, with a peak of 716 Nm at 6,250 rpm. The 0 to 100 km/h is shot in just 3.3 s, and the 0 to 200 km/h in 10.6 s. Maximum speed is displayed at over 310 km/h.

To transmit all the power of the engine (in the front center position) and the gearbox (in the rear), the Purosangue incorporates the PTU (Power Transfer Unit) inaugurated by the FF in 2011. It advantageously replaces the usual 4×4 system and its heavy differentials, which allows for an ideal weight distribution of 49/51. The Italian manufacturer thus promises a dynamism worthy of its other sports cars. The unique chassis combines aluminum and carbon fiber, while an unprecedented 10mm active suspension tuning is integrated. All-wheel drive is therefore integrated as standard, but not for pure crossover as “it’s not a Jeep!” as Gianmaria Fulgenzi, product development director at Ferrari, says. Finally, a rear steering wheel system is needed as in the F12 and GTC4Lusso.

not for everyone

But to prove it, you’ll have to be lucky! Ferrari doesn’t want to “use this model for volume” (take that, Lamborghini Urus!) and wants to maintain a certain exclusivity by making just a few copies. No official number has been given, but pre-orders are now complete. The €390,000 price tag (excluding options) doesn’t seem to have dampened the fervor of Ferrari enthusiasts. The first units will be delivered in the second quarter of 2023.

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