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Online commerce is rapidly growing and changing rapidly. Julie Do Carmo, marketing coordinator and Jérôme Malmert, head of the National Development Center at Saica Pack France, discuss the challenges that the packaging industry must face to meet new expectations.

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What are the strong trends in e-commerce and how can packaging players respond to them?

Julie Do Carmo : Environmental imperatives are at the heart of the demands today. First and foremost, it’s about meeting the right need in terms of preferred materials and solutions. There is no need to provide a super strong product if not needed, or to consider a very large amount of material involving an excessive vacuum. In addition, we only offer recycled and recyclable materials. It becomes essential.

Jerome Malmert : The recent evolution of e-commerce also gives importance to new criteria. The product must be characterized by ease of opening and return. It should be simple to put it back horizontally to better recycle it. The obvious guarantee that the product has not been opened during delivery and the characteristics of discretion regarding the content are other aspects requested. Finally, our corporate customers are sensitive to the fact that packaging can be handled easily, assembled effortlessly and quickly, or mechanized. It is also an essential issue in the fight against musculoskeletal diseases.

What are the main advantages of your offer that set you apart from the competition?

JdC : Eco-responsibility is undoubtedly a strong point that sets us apart. Our papers are 100% recycled.

In addition, we offer accurate quantification of the carbon impact of our packaging solutions compared to other carton offerings or even using polystyrene or plastic. This simple quantification is of great interest to companies that want to implement CSR policies. To be as relevant as possible, our calculations take into account both the carbon emissions during manufacture and the kilometers traveled by our packages.

JM : Ecodesign also occupies a central place. It has always been part of our DNA and is increasingly at the center of our customers’ concerns.

It consists of limiting the cardboard, the dyeing surface, favoring natural glues and vegetable oil-based inks, and/or using cutting residues as wedge elements during the design.

The objective is to analyze the exact need of the customer and offer a solution according to this to realize an eco-responsibility approach together. Our offer, of course, includes upstream visits to the customer’s premises to obtain a detailed knowledge of their needs, product testing and also support in the creation and financing of mechanization projects.

Tailor-made and product enhancement seem increasingly important.

JdC : Absolutely. In addition to materials, innovation is directly related to the customer experience. In luxury, for example, there is a strong desire to stand out for the emotion aroused when opening the package. The possibility of reusing the packaging box to transform it into a children’s play circuit is one of the ideas to give a second life to the product, for example.

The adaptability and versatility of the same package to different categories of products and of different sizes are also strong areas of development: it allows customization, meeting different levels of protection requirements.

JM : At a time when reliability and customer satisfaction are increasingly at the center of expectations, security guarantees are also essential. Our recent innovations such as the Kangaroo Box or the Wallet package stand out in terms of both adaptability and content protection.

Thus, we guarantee the protection and integrity of the products sent by the ISTA approvals of our packaging solutions. A necessary guarantee for many customers.

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