Tesla Model S: Yoann balance after 115,000 km in 6 years

Founder of Automobile Propre and Chargemap, Yoann is one of the first French electro-drivers to receive a Tesla Model S with the new front end in 2016. Is the magic surrounding this great electric sedan intact after having driven 115,000 km in 6 years?

At the origin of the Automobile Propre

For electric mobility pioneers, the Tesla Model S project announced in June 2008 presented itself as a true revolution, while the placid EVs in circulation at the time mostly only offered a range of just 100 km. Unable to imagine its dynamism, we were impatient to discover it even before its arrival in France in September 2013.

It was for me the big dream for years to have a Tesla Model S. It was a goal I had set », confirms Yoann to Max Freyss. The discovery in 2008 of the brand’s fabulous roadster decided on the same day to launch the Automobile Propre website. ” Something will happen around electric cars “, he then felt.

For the sake of consistency, the discreet boss sought to equip himself as quickly as possible with an EV with an autonomy compatible with his needs. Hence his purchase of a Nissan Leaf in 2011.


Yoann received his Tesla Model S in October 2016. It was originally a 70D, upgraded to 75D (+ 5 kWh in battery power) taking advantage of an interesting commercial offer. The designation on the trunk was changed during a visit to a Tesla center.

In choosing the great American sedan, the founder of Automobile Propre” wanted to project themselves into a future where people would have electric cars with much more autonomy “. With a range of 350-400 km, the Tesla Model S was in 2015 – the year Yoann ordered the 70D – the only one available on the modern French market to perfectly respond to this vision.

Well-informed, he signed for €85,000 (€7,000 bonus deducted), the day before a big price increase. However, he had to wait about a year before receiving his copy embellished with the new muzzle: “ I was lucky because I was one of the first to benefit from it in France “.

New and used prices today

The new front translates into a few thousand euros more on the second-hand market. Today, a Tesla Model S 75D from October 2016 equipped like this can be found around 43,000-45,000 euros in France. Prices can drop to just under 40,000 euros with the old black oval with a grid.

Max Freyss, in turn, investigated the prices of new buildings. In France, only the Plaid version is offered, against a minimum of 138,990 euros. In the United States, it is still possible to get a wiser model from 104,990 dollars (about 103,400 euros according to the exchange rate of September 11, 2022).

This is a difference of approximately 11,000 euros 6 years later, comparing prices excluding government aid. What does Yoann justify by ” good improvements on the Model S, including a battery with a minimum energy capacity of 100 kWh.

a gigantic chest

The founder of our webzine admits he didn’t use the 89 liter frunk much, “ for fear of damaging the hood All necessary recharging, including the Mister EV’s mobile maxi charger, finds its place in the double bottom at the rear.

Behind the manually opened tailgate, which can rise up to 2.30 m depending on the manufacturer (unless custom fit, if available), the load volume is 709 l, which can be extended to 1 739 l by folding the backrest Bank.

The trunk was a very important element for me “, emphasizes Yoann. ” For my business, I may have to move tables, chairs or loading equipment » ; ” I could really spend huge things on this chest » ; ” It can, moreover, facilitate the passage to the recycling center. “, he cited as examples.

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Range was never an issue on this car “, says Yoann. During his long journeys, he stops every 2 hours and finds an outlet without too many problems “While the hatch at the end of the wing on the rear left of the Model S promotes connection to Tesla superchargers, it’s not necessarily risk-free when it comes to connecting to roadside terminals.” A car passing too close can tear the cable “, says Yoann.

The small flap under the reflector that houses a Type 2 socket is integrated into the optical drive. Our boss, however, equipped himself to exploit, through adapters, fast charging for Combo CCS and CHAdeMO standards. ” I can charge absolutely anywhere. CHAdeMO being reduced, sometimes there are terminals for this standard that are free of charge while Combo cables are all used “, he illustrates.

After 6 years, he doesn’t realize the probable loss of autonomy of his 75D: ” In my daily use this is not an issue or concern. I go home, put it in charge and it’s settled “. A serenity he hopes to convey to drivers ready to go electric.

On board

Overall, the lightweight leather upholstery of Yoann’s Tesla Model S has weathered the years well. It only benefits from a shiny appearance in the driver’s seat. At the rear, the knees are well raised in relation to the buttocks not necessarily with much room to stretch out the legs, despite a wheelbase of 2.96 m for a length of 5.02 m and a width of 1.99 m.

Without the panoramic roof, larger passengers may feel cramped in this large, sporty-looking electric sedan that measures 1.43m. That’s why some people transported by our boss confessed to him” not feeling very good in the back »? And that, even with conduct that he himself qualifies as ” wise “, justified by an average consumption of around 20 kWh/100 km.

A digital tablet at heart

During the presentation of the Tesla Model S, its central 17-inch touchscreen tablet located in portrait mode attracted a lot of curious and future buyers. ” It’s super nice and leaves space for all the instrumentation with a big map: you can clearly see the route. It’s a point that I really love », Yoann approves.

The part with the processor, however, was replaced after a manufacturer recall. In question, the memory chip that has slowed down by virtue of recording information. ” Over time I feel like the touchscreen has become a little less responsive, perhaps over the course of car updates “, feels Yoann.

However, he regrets that he can no longer benefit from all the new features. Autopilot, for example, no longer evolves, due to the old hardware that manages your 75D, replaced on newer models by a new system. On the other hand, he appreciates, behind the wheel, the missing screen on the Model 3 and Model Y, helping in particular ” follow the gps directions “.

the minors

No major issues on Yoann’s Tesla Model S in 6 years. The most complicated to solve was a problem with the windows: “ They had trouble getting back up. At 110 km/h, you had to go bumpy, and sometimes you couldn’t. There were several adjustment operations, adjustment and even addition of silicone in certain places “. He finds his long electric sedan less quiet on the road than the Nissan Leaf.” very well soundproofed “.

Regarding the in-flight furniture, he thinks the sliding cover of the under-shelf storage is not very well finished. In addition, he sometimes used this currency to deposit his bank card after paying at the highway tolls: “ She slipped one day, going to lodge at the bottom. It was a Tesla Ranger that had to bring it to me “.

Also, accessing an underground car park can be tricky: “ My Model S can touch downhill. It’s low and I didn’t choose the controlled suspensions offered as an option. “.

the driving

What Yoann appreciates most about her Tesla Model S is the autopilot, which can be engaged via a small lever on the left and behind the steering wheel: “ For me, it’s a great system. I am regularly in the morning in traffic jams. It’s more serene with autopilot “.

More generally, regarding driving the 75D, “ I like your softness. You can walk quietly, at ease, in a comfortable way. The balance between acceleration and engine braking is very good. I’m not much of a paddle behind the wheel. Regeneration is very well regulated at Tesla. And if needed, we have all the power you need, especially for trouble-free overtaking. “.

To that he adds: the fact of sitting low in a sedan and the flexibility of the steering. All this allows him to elevate this model to the rank of ” perfect car for driving in the mountains », with the possibility of changing the speed with the accelerator only, without having to use the brake pedal too much.

still relevant

Would you still recommend this particular Tesla Model S today? asked Max Freyss. ” Yes, clearly. It’s a car that remains relevant. It will have a slightly shorter range than newer EVs, but it’s still largely acceptable. “Yoann replied. ” It’s a model we’re good at. It benefits from lifetime free Tesla superchargers that many taxi drivers and newer Model S users dream of. I recommend with eyes closed. I was able to test it for 6 years: the 75D works fine “, he begs.

Given how difficult it is to get a new Model S today, with long lead times that can stretch to more than a year, except Plaid ordered recently, used copies are finally doing really well. It’s a great deal for anyone who likes the Model S line and can get it for less than a Model 3. “, he objects.

It takes a little automotive passion to choose this car. We took it under the influence of emotion, for its line, also for the story behind the Model S. It is a model that revolutionized the automobile in a broad sense. But it’s not the ultimate family car. “, he concludes.

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