Start-up E-health launches “Clinic Home”, a virtual hospital aimed at democratizing home medicine in Cameroon

(Business in Cameroon) – On September 12, 2022, the Cameroonian start-up E-santé extends the “Clinic Home” service to the city of Yaoundé, the country’s capital, a virtual hospital that aims to democratize the concept of medicine at home (or family doctor) in the country. Yaoundé thus becomes the 2and city ​​of Cameroon to benefit from this innovative service.

Specifically, founded with Cameroonian doctors who work in public, private and religious hospitals in the country, but also doctors who work in Europe whose experiences have allowed the contextualization of solutions that already exist in other places, “Clinic Home” is a digital platform that offers services such as home medical consultations, telemedical consultations, laboratory tests at home, delivery of medicines at home, nursing care at home and physiotherapy at home.

We will take the practical case of a patient who had fever and headaches for 3 days. He should have waited 4 hours to be seen by a doctor. After the consultation, he should have gone to a laboratory and waited for 2 hours to be sampled. In case of inability to take medicine, he would have been hospitalized, although it is not a serious case, or he would have had to go to pharmacies to find all his medicines. However, going to, the patient is seen at home by the doctor in less than 2 hours, he is taken from his home for his exams and, if necessary, a nurse responsible for giving his injections is sent. And in the end, we make it deliver all the contents of your recipe to your home.» explains Dr. Philippe Ohandja, promoter of E-Health.

Hospital decongestion

According to this graduate of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Douala, who also has a university degree in connected health from the University of Paris Descartes, the launch of this platform solves some problems in the care of patients in healthcare facilities in Cameroon. Yeah, we learnedincreasingly long waiting times in hospitals, sometimes up to 4 hours between the appointment, the collection of the sample for the exams and the administration of medicines for so-called benign pathologies that could have been treated at home; the lack of beds in hospitals, sometimes leading to transfers and even certain pathologies could have been treated at home and beds kept for more serious cases; stay of several months in hospitals for patients with chronic diseases, such as cancer, or polypathological elderly, who could have been followed up at home with an improvement in their living conditions“.

Private clinic with facilities in Douala, and whose service “Clinic Home” is a digital version, to promote medicine at home, E-sante generates around 25,000 visitors on its platform in 4 years, more than 1,000 families accompanied at home by the its teams of doctors and paramedics from the cities of Douala and Yaoundé, and more than fifty doctors and paramedics working on its platform.

The vast majority of patients who trusted the services of this start-up are currently beneficiaries of health plans, due to the partnership that exists between E-health, insurers and renowned brokers, such as Willis Towers Watson. Good sources, negotiations are underway with Ascoma, with a view to defining a better collaboration framework that follows the processes of this other insurance broker.

Being now present in Douala and Yaoundé, very soon we will open the service to all regions of Cameroon as a first step. Later, we will consider establishing ourselves in the countries of the sub-region“, projects Dr. Philippe Ohandja.

Brice R. Mbodiam

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