In Nangis, a start-up incubator for a greener industry

Faced with the pressing need for an ecological and energy transition, the city of Nangis has just opened a start-up incubator dedicated to this topic. Named Incoplex Transition 77, it receives a first class of 7 start-ups. Focus on three of them.

Each domain has its own incubator. A start-up accelerator has just been created in Nangis, inaugurated on September 9, 2022, and dedicated to the “energy and ecological transition”. Called Incoplex Transition 77, it is managed by Inco Incubators in partnership with TotalEnergies and the City of Nangis. Representatives of the government, the Île-de-France Region and the Community of Communes of Brie Nangissienne were present for the occasion. The program plans to support selected start-ups for almost a year for their projects “aimed at reducing the environmental impact of the industry in Seine-et-Marne”, specifies Incoplex.

Nicolas Hazard, President and Founder of the Inco Group, said: “The opening of the Incoplex Transition 77 incubator is a great opportunity for the ecological transition of the Seine-et-Marne department and for the growth of selected start-ups. tailor-made support for 9 months”. In this sense, the first promotion includes 7 sprouts, selected at the end of a contest that ran from May 2 to June 14. The program highlights several innovations: low-carbon building materials, tools for sustainable agriculture, innovations at the service of smooth mobility, development of renewable energies, etc.

Projects to make the industry green

Among the winning companies that come to green the sector in Seine-et-Marne, three caught our attention. The first, Farm3, was released in 2019 in Verrières de Joux (25). It developed a high-throughput, modular, automated culture chamber called the FarmCube. This cultivation system can house up to 5,000 plants in 12m², which grow without pesticides or GMOs, consuming up to 99.8% less water than traditional agriculture. The chambers are automated throughout the production chain – from irrigation to lighting – using Farm3.0 software. Its strong point: the cubes are a pure product made in Europe, designed in aluminum with an insulating wooden frame and certified food-grade materials.

Launched in 2016 in Paris, the M-Cador is also part of the first promotion. It helps companies automate or streamline their repetitive visual inspection tasks typically performed by operators. Its smart cameras and image analysis software can identify defects, count objects or even detect events. It should be noted that the company also worked with The Warehouse, Cdiscount’s supply chain incubator, to co-develop and test full-size smart cameras that independently take inventory in real-time.

Focused on the issue of indoor air quality, the Parisian start-up Istya aims to help companies face the challenges of quality of life at work through technological solutions that monitor, predict and manage indoor air quality. The devices also make it possible to reduce the energy consumption of buildings, as well as the carbon footprint of ventilation systems.

a phased support

All incubated startups will benefit from a free and personalized support for 9 months provided by Inco, divided into 3 stages. Initially, a “360° diagnosis” phase to define the needs of young companies and their teams, and define an action plan to start individual support and follow-up. In a second phase, they will move on to a development phase, including collective workshops with specialists (marketing, HR, etc.) and support in the search for financing and fundraising. Finally, the third and final phase focuses on establishing synergy with program partners and networking with key local actors.

It should be noted that applications for the second promotion of the incubator will be open from May 2023. The selection criteria are simple: applicants must act in favor of the ecological transition and have significant activities in the Seine-et-Marne territory. After an initial selection, approximately thirty project leaders will be selected and invited to present their company to a jury.

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