Paris Motor Show 2022: The Mondial de l’Auto highlights the revolution in automotive design

Peugeot 408

While Paris Design Week will open its doors on September 8, the Mondial de l’Auto echoes the profound changes affecting automotive design. While Peugeot will offer a 408 with an exclusive fastback design, Renault will present its Mégane E-Tech. Dacia will launch its new visual identity applied to its entire range and Hopium will reveal its vision of the high-end hydrogen sedan.

Peugeot 408 “A new generation of objects”

Matthias Hossann, Peugeot Design Director, tells us about his latest creation, the Peugeot 408, which deftly blends SUV, sedan and coupé codes.

This way Matthias defines the new 408 that completes the 308 compact saloon with an original and eccentric offer.

“Tastes change very quickly today and customers are looking for new sensations while maintaining a certain volume. The 408 is the result of a reflection on the classic sedan, but also on the SUV.”

This new model with its incredible fastback line is the result of a reflection that dates back to 2015 on the future and evolution of sedans and SUVs. Designed at the same time as the 308, the 408 benefited from precise stylistic work: “The aesthetic work consisted of keeping the high seat of an SUV while working on a new form of dynamism. Thanks to the new modular platforms and remarkable stamping work, the styling of the 408 has been beautifully crafted.”

For Matthias Hossann, “no surface has been treated in an anecdotal way” that surprises the eye from any angle of view of the car and plays with the light to suggest dynamism, even at ‘stop’. In addition to its fastback line suggesting movement, “the new 20-inch rims with a disruptive geometric design contribute to the impression of movement and reinforce this spectacular, feline silhouette.”

The stylistic work is not only a story of pure Design, but also extensive collaboration with engineers. To suggest dynamism and improve the articulation between the roof and the tailgate and improve aerodynamics, “it was necessary to design a kind of immediately identifiable double hump, a reference to the past, of course, but also facilitating the flow of air”. “

Planned since the launch of the 308 project, the 408 goes even further, requiring ingenuity to use the same industrial tool in an increasingly optimized way”. Thus, the interior and its i-cockpit were made for the two cars, developed almost in parallel. However, “the 408 clearly stands out thanks to an even more elaborate grille, a true presentation of Peugeot’s new identity, or a completely new rear bumper”.

The final word is obvious: “you have to see it in person to discover and understand the full stylistic work done on the 408”. Peugeot will present its new car at the Paris Motor Show at its stand (Hall 4).

The Renault group is also committed to Design

At Renault, the Mondial de l’Auto will be an opportunity to present its reconquering C-segment models and in particular the brand new Mégane E-Tech Electric whose lines, while maintaining a certain affiliation, renew the SUV genre. The new electric platform, with unprecedented proportions, gave designers the opportunity to design a dynamic vehicle with a controlled footprint.

It was Gilles Vidal, formerly at Peugeot, who oversaw the design of the Mégane E-Tech. On Dacia’s side, it’s the new visual identity that gets all the attention. The Paris Motor Show will be the opportunity to present its entire range for the first time in a new unified style.

Hopium plays the card of a true high-end hydrogen sedan

Félix Goudard, who learned his craft at Porsche, Tesla or Lucid, signs the return of the large prestigious sedan to the French Hopium. The Machina Vision, which will be present at the Paris Motor Show, points to another target, and proposes to revisit the large sedan with a very fluid, athletic and elegant style. Its personality is confirmed thanks to its imposing grille capable of optimizing the cooling of the fuel cell system and its light signature inspired by the waves on the surface of the water.

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