the startup Insubria, the only Italian in the “Falling Walls” in Berlin

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A new achievement for random powerstart fromUniversity of Insubria on the role of unpredictability in cybersecurity: the only italian among the 25 startups winner of Dare to fall off the wallsglobal competition between companies that emerged as part of basic research.

On November 7th, Random Power will perform on stage at the famous Falling Walls Science Summit 2022 from berlin ( The event, which received 1,345 nominations in various categories, is in November 7th to 9th Programas part of the anniversary of the fall of the wall: 3 days of discussions, round tables, presentations and debates innovation theme he was born in role of basic research in the innovation process with innovation politicians, representatives of European and German institutions (Angela Merkel and the Federal President were involved in recent years), investors, large companies.

At the end of the event, the “Scientific Startup of the Year”but already being in the selection of winners is an excellent result and a great opportunity for Random Power.

Random Power is a physics project Massimo Caccia was born in 2018 at the Insubria laboratories in Como and is basedApplication of quantum mechanics during creation unpredictable and therefore untouchable cryptographic keys, to protect the privacy and security of the network. The achievement came from studying silicon single-photon detectors and their properties, which are governed by the quantum nature of matter: “capturing” random endogenous electrical pulses and converting them into a binary, 0 or 1, but unpredictable timeline.

These complex scientific concepts are, in fact, the basis of everyday and common gestures. For example, when we formulate online password we are looking for a sequence that is difficult to reproduce: it can help us Random Power, the “power of chance”. in fact it is a silicone “pill” capable of generating a virtually infinite stream of random bits that feed computer security systems using digital simulations and training artificial intelligence algorithms, creating an untouchable shield.

comment Mauro Fasan, the dean’s delegate for technology transfer, who forwarded the request to the summit and will present the Insubria pitch in Berlin: “This recognition is the pride of our university. Random Power is the most promising example. how research can generate value for society. To protect our digital lives, we need “stone walls”, but increasingly this is not enough as data breaches are constantly being reported. Random Power uses the quantum properties of semiconductors to generate virtually infinite streams of random bitscreate unbreakable cryptographic keys and develop secure protocols to protect our privacy.”

This is just the latest Random Power award: in 2018 it was selected as one of 170 “Breakthrough Projects” in the pilot phase of Attract, in 2020 it won the award Starting the Lombardy Trophy and two special awards from innovation awardIn late 2021, she received a loan from Liftt, and in February 2022, she received two million euros from Attract within the framework of the European Commission’s programs to promote research and innovation.

Random Power technology has been integrated a first electronic card smaller than a credit card that plugs into any computer, and now that’s the goal Device miniaturization and chip integration of cryptographic capabilities, even in a high-speed version for data centers. A way that the cooperation of the University of Insubria with, for example, European Consortium at the highest level, including Italy thanks to Seco, E4 Computer Engineering, Fondazione Bruno Kessler, which alongside Imasenic (Spain), Kudelski Security (Switzerland), Weeroc (France), Agh-University of Science & Technology (Poland) and Cours Random Power srl

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