Foreign scam of 50 million euros: a withdrawal from Moroder’s account

A maxi hit of 50 million euros. A banking advisor that makes withdrawals (almost) impossible to trace, sprinkle them on the checking accounts of friends and business partners. A 16-cylinder, 542 hp car of only ten copies in the world (a Cizeta-Moroder V16T) will be auctioned. A computer scientist, a private detective and a DJ who has won three Oscars. These may be the elements of one of the films presented at the Venice Film Festival, on the contrary, they are the ones who trace the contours of a history that has and contains something unreal Giorgio Moroder from Val Gardena. Indeed, the “father of disco music” has been sued by Tilman Reissfelder, founder of a German start-up, who is demanding a repayment of 2.2 million (plus interest) from Moroder.

the search of time

restore the image it’s the german weekly Time. In March, Fabien G., a former adviser to Swiss bank Hottinger (now in liquidation), was sentenced to three years in prison by a Geneva court for fraud, money laundering and forgery.. He is the author of a series of scams totaling 50 million euros. At the expense of unsuspecting customers. The courts of Switzerland, France, Luxembourg and Italy participated in the reconstruction of their movements. All countries where a loot piece was found.

The startup founder

Among unsuspecting customers there are also rice fields, Founder of a German startup sold to Tripadvisor for 10 million euros. Millions paid into a Hottinger bank account at the time, later “cleared” by Fabien G. 88. A shock.

the private detective

Not paid by Swiss court judgment, after which I do not receive any compensation, Reißfelder hires a private detective to find out where his money went. The investigator set to work, returning to Moroder’s current accounts, which had been stocked with 2.2 million euros between August 2010 and November 2012. About fifteen transactions in total, sometimes for 100, sometimes for 300,000 euros, in the musician’s current accounts at the National Bank in Los Angeles, at Credit Suisse in Zurich and at Raiffeisen in Castelrotto. Payments with the motive “loan”, also from a company based in the Virgin Islands (the startup Reißfelder). Based on what was reconstituted by the Geneva court, As a customer of Fabien G., Moroder would not have suspected convinced that the money he saw flowing into his account was the result of a series of lucky investments. During interrogation before the Geneva Public Prosecutor’s Office, Moroder declared himself a victim of the counselor, who also allegedly caused him economic damage.

the money ran out

As for Rißfelder, he doesn’t seem to have much luck seeing his 2.2 million, which Moroder said he “spent more or less entirely” and resumed DJing “to survive”. In 2018, he sold his house in Ortisei to a notary for €4.45 million. And then there’s the supercar, which he hasn’t told the prosecutor about. However, he spoke about it on the German TV show “Markus Lanz” and asked Reißfelder and his investigators to raise the antennae, who then found the car in an underground parking lot in California. Only the owner was a company (Montana’s Green Alps Llc) who bought it for ten dollars and registered it as a boat. That was until early 2022, when the car went up for sale by Sotheby’s auction house, which published the owner’s name: Giorgio Moroder. Now, the musician must appear before the judges of the Bolzano district court: the parties to the dispute have until Wednesday to present their respective pieces.

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September 9, 2022 (change September 9, 2022 | 5:17 pm)


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