What happened to Thomas Querton, aka “Tommy Roch”, the founder of AtlasGo?

Thomas Querton- Tommy Roche, for friends – is part of this generation of young entrepreneurs who, very early in their careers, set their sights on San Francisco and Silicon Valley. for him it was the place to be to launch a start-up. In 2015, he left Brussels for the San Francisco Bay Area, where, at age 24, he co-founded the AtlasGo mobile app with two other students he met as part of a “master’s degree” in social entrepreneurship. The AtlasGo idea? Propose to companies concerned about their image and the social commitment of their employees to sponsor a sporting challenge – a race, in most cases – for the benefit of charities or NGOs. Quickly, the young Belgian-American shot attracts corporate on both sides of the Atlantic (AT&T, Dropbox, Hoegaarden, Degroof Petercam, Swiss Re…).

In almost seven years of activity, AtlasGo has not only grown (it employs around twenty employees), but has also significantly changed its application. We took advantage of Thomas Querton’s visit to Belgium this summer to take stock. And there is something new! Including the departure of “Tommy” from San Francisco to Portugal (“Europe’s California“, headline recently The International Post). He is from the south of Lisbon that he now manages his employees divided between the United States, Europe and Kenya.


The AtlasGo concept has been enriched and diversified since the launch of the application in 2016. With success since its inception, it has raised, to date, no less than 10 million euros from its customers. A sum redistributed to a number of associations and NGOs. “We made the decision in April to ditch the fundraising business to focus on a new concept related to employee well-being. We are already starting to offer this new service to our customers. But the real start will be next January.announces Thomas Querton.

This new concept can be summarized in four letters: WaaS, acronym for Wellness as a Service. “It’s about offering companies of all sizes, at an affordable price, a series of wellness activities for their employees”. Well-being is understood in its holistic dimension: sports activities, meditation sessions, yoga classes, ecological awareness, nutrition workshops, team building, etc. under the slogan Keep your employees healthy and happythe AtlasGo platform and app already offers more than 350 activities for physical and mental well-being, sustainability and social impact, with the aim of “keep employee engagement throughout the year”.

This “WaaS” platform will also play the impact card with the employees of client companies, raising their awareness of volunteering and major social issues (through, for example, the production of videos where experts explain how it is possible to have an impact positive about yourself and your environment). “We also continue to animate, with the AtlasGo app, sporting challenges for companies. This will be the case again this month as part of Mobility Week. (in partnership with Tapio, a Brussels start-up that developed a carbon impact calculator, Editor’s Note). We recently organized a challenge for the company Sisley, which allowed the planting of around 100,000 trees in Australia.. Among the start-up’s new customers, we find in particular Amazon and Lululemon, but also Actiris.

business angel with impact

Thomas Querton, who is an aficionado of everything that can bring you well-being (practices meditation, running, sustainable farming and eating kombucha), has also become active as business angel. “I have made, so far, about fifteen investments”, he said. This is particularly the case for Olmavita (CBD-based cosmetic products), Smile (kombucha), Savics (health) or WeFunder (crowdfunding).

new commitments

Since last week, we have been offering you new weekly meetings (published alternately) about the world of start-ups and entrepreneurship. Last Saturday, we opened the section young shot with Laura Warnant, CEO of PolarSun. It’s about getting to know a new face of the Belgian start-up ecosystem.

This week is the date What have they become? It consists of receiving news of a confirmed (or missing) start-up that we have already talked about in free echo Weekend. We have scheduled a third meeting for next week: in a context marked by multiple transitions (climate, energy, environment, mobility, etc.), we will highlight, every three weeks, Impact startupinnovative and constructive.

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