The best electric in the world, the Mercedes EQS

Collaboration Marc Bouchard, Automotive Journalist

You might think I’m exaggerating a little. After all, there are more and more models of electric cars, and it is difficult to decide between them. Hence to explain that Mercedes-Benz is the best in the world, so there is a margin. We must still admit that the car has everything, and a little more, to assume this position. At least for a while.

Let’s settle the matter right away, though: it costs $165,000 in the format I had a license to drive. We are therefore far from the accessible and affordable vehicle, I know that. For such a value, the car must therefore present great qualities that justify this price. The reality is that it does, if we are in buy mode for this type of quasi-limousine, of course.

an exceptional car

As it must be said, the EQS is an exceptional car. The letters EQ indicate the Mercedes-Benz electric version. The OS, you may have understood by now, is a direct reference to the very large family sedan. Its imposing size – more than 5.2 meters long – and its spectacular wheelbase allow it to offer spectacular interior space.

The reality is that even Sonny, whose height nevertheless exceeds 6 feet 3 inches, found his account in the back seats, stretching his legs almost completely to ensure his comfort. All this without affecting, of course, the little driver that I am and what happened at the front.

The comfort of the vehicle is undeniable. The seats are enveloping, heated, ventilated and with massagers at the front and even offer different types of massages according to your desire. Most spectacular, however, is the dashboard.

The word is a little weak. This panel is literally three screens (for a total of 56 inches of screen) that house one of the most sophisticated multifunction systems on the market. The hyperscreen, that’s its name, offers a spectacular high-definition display, and even allows you to add augmented reality to navigation instructions. Simply put, when you enter a destination, at every turn a camera lights up, shows you the road ahead in real time and displays blue arrows indicating the direction to go.

Obviously, this is just one of the functions of this MBUX system that has spectacular voice commands and many advanced functions. Just say Hey Mercedes, and your car is listening!

Engine and autonomy

We cannot talk about this vehicle without mentioning the exceptional engine it houses. A 516 horsepower engine and 630 lb-ft of torque propel the car to 100 kilometers per hour in less than 4.3 seconds. All this with an electrical range of around 547 kilometers, which proved to be particularly true.

Add to that four steer wheels, which allow for a ridiculously short turning radius and adaptive suspensions, and you have exceptional handling and comfort.

Note that to power the car, the car relies on a 107.8 kWh battery. As you may have understood, a recharge at a tier 2 domestic terminal will take about 12 hours, and the car can absorb up to 200 kW at a tier 3 terminal, reaching its full charge in about 31 minutes.

But the exceptional comfort, the more than pleasant driving and the technological power of the car make it an exceptional vehicle. nothing less!

Toyota Supra

The last few weeks were punctuated by a few vacation days, spent most of the time in Halifax, driving the Toyota Supra. Therefore, it is impossible not to say a word about it, as this car with its unique style draws attention.

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