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The rapid expansion of green mobility is impressive. Micromobility vehicles, and in particular electric scooters and bicycles, have grown in recent years, with Paris being the largest global market.

The development of green mobility and the sales of bicycles, scooters and scooters
The microvehicle market has exploded in France for many years. In 2018, electric scooters became the first sale in the microvehicle market, representing 110 million euros and representing a jump of +76% in value and +129% in volume compared to 2017.

Between June 2018 and May 2019, thirteen micro-vehicle operators entered the Parisian market, totaling a fleet of over 20,000 vehicles and making Paris the largest market in the world and a showcase for micromobility. And the curve has continued to climb ever since.

This growth can be explained by the fact that microvehicles seem to be a promising solution to many urban mobility problems: they can potentially contribute to reducing the use of private cars and to mitigating the externalities associated with them (congestion, emissions, noise, car accidents ). They could thus have a positive effect on the human footprint because they are potentially less harmful to the environment, especially if they replace private cars.

How to choose insurance for a bicycle?
Fast, practical and eco-friendly, electric bicycles and scooters seem to be on the rise in many countries around the world.

But whether having fun outdoors or working without breaking a sweat, these new riders need to ask themselves two basic questions before embarking on their super-fast ride:

Who will bear the costs in the event of an accident or theft?
Are there solutions to protect your bike?

home insurance
Your home insurance can be used to protect your vehicle. It includes a liability guarantee that will cover you if you are liable for damage caused to a third party. Whether it is simple material or physical damage (pedestrian or otherwise), your home insurance can play an important role.

But whatever happens, you’ll need to dig deep into your home insurance policy to understand the details of what’s covered and what’s not.

multi-risk insurance
Electric bicycles and scooters are expensive (on average 1,500 euros, reaching 2,500 or even 3,000 euros), so they are interesting objects for thieves.

Multi-risk home insurance can cover you against the theft of your e-bike if it is stored in your home.

On the other hand, when using your e-bike on city streets, you will have to hire an additional anti-theft option with your insurance company.

The cost of such an anti-theft option is variable, but on average it will cost around 5 euros per month.

Specialized insurance for microvehicles
The strong demand for bicycles and scooters has given rise to new specialist insurance offers.
If your current insurance company does not offer this option, you can turn to an insurance company specializing in micro electric vehicles. In the event of theft, the insurance company will ask you to prove that you bought your bike (invoice or other type of confirmation), that your bike was safe (invoice for the purchase of the padlock, etc.) stolen (file a complaint with the police).

Depending on the product, these policies cover not only theft or damage, but also assistance in the event of breakdown, vandalism or legal protection.



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