Entrepreneur of the Year 2022 Award: Commitment at the heart of performance

Posted on Sep 9, 2022, 7amUpdated September 9, 2022 at 7:42 am

What were the selection criteria? Candidates for the Entrepreneur of the Year award, SMEs and FTEsmust have reached a turnover of more than 10 million eurosbe led by a three-year acting entrepreneur with at least 10% of the capital. to the category starttwo groups – the eldest, the climb are less than 15 years old and start-ups are less than 10 years old – the criteria are 10% of the capital property of the contractor and a turnover of 1.5 million euros or an equivalent equity fundraiser. Common point for the two categories, being in growth boost when exercising your CSR Commitment, ecological and/or social. Like family businesses, they are also rewarded for successful transmission (third generation) and for their territorial commitment.

performance and commitment

“To be selected, all these companies must combine economic performance and social commitment (CSR)”, recalls Franck Sebag, partner at EY. A founding mantra for these champions of value creation. However, some candidates who saw their growth temporarily halted during the 2021 health crisis appear on the 2022 list because they are not structurally in deficit.

“Whether product, management or CSR, the commitment criterion is decisive today. Consumers, business partners and employees demand it. And it’s not about greenwashing, it’s about the long term”, emphasizes Franck Sebag. Like the Savoyard company specializing in school supplies, Maped, which generates 80% of its turnover internationally, and is involved in eco-responsible commitments – eco-production, Epicor labeling, etc. – as President Antoine Lacroix explains, to put his economic model at the service of a virtuous social and environmental model.


The 2022 SME/SMI and ETI crop includes 132 companies with an average turnover of 182 million, compared to 110 million in 2021 (if we leave out the “heavy” winner of 2021, CMA CGM). A flagship of companies generating a total turnover of 23.7 billion euros, against 14 billion in 2021 (45 billion with CMA CGM). The average growth of candidates in 2022 is 35%, compared to 12% in 2021, which clearly reflects the post-Covid economic recovery, without, however, reaching the 58% achieved in 2019. CMA CGM in 2021) has a workforce average of 240 employees, against 200 in 2021.

Growth driven by international markets such as Proman (number 4 in temporary work in Europe) which, from Manosque, is developing in Romania, Poland, Holland, etc. Others, like Michel Hervé (energy, construction) and his namesake group, have benefited from their strong decentralized corporate culture, which has allowed them to have just 5.5% of the workforce on reduced hours during the crisis and be ready for recovery. The Ami Paris group is “reinventing” fashion, playing with traceability and transparency: the brand is now distributed in 100 countries, rising from 35 (2019) to 133 million euros (2021), including 119 million internationally: French Touch is not know The crisis!

Scale-ups (EITI) and start-ups

Among the 147 candidates selected in 2022, against 124 in 2021, the same recovery impetus with a total turnover (press release) of 1,030 million euros (784 million euros in 2021) and a total amount of funds raised of 2,249 billion (1,426 billion in 2021). This is an average of 15.3 million euros in funds raised, against 14.7 million in the previous year.

For these companies, the Covid-19 effect was less penalizing and sometimes even served as an accelerator, because they were more prepared for teleworking and digitalization, such as Lifen (digitization of hospitals). They have also held major fundraisers such as Platform.sh ($140 million), Deepki (€150 million) and Sweep, created by Rachel Delacour, former co-chair of France Digital, which raised nearly €100 million to help companies to reduce their carbon footprint. This ecosystem is growing, with start-ups becoming EITIs, new “innovative midsize companies”.

Regional award dates

September 12th – IDF – Comet Exchange in Paris

September 20 – Great West – Convent of the Jacobins in Rennes

September 26 – Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes – Lyon Town Hall Rooms

September 27 – Southeast – Mucem in Marseille

September 29 – Occitania – Domain of Verchant in Castelnau-Le-Lez

october 03 – New Aquitaine – Bassin des Lumières in Bordeaux

october 4th – Great East – Villa Quai Sturm in Strasbourg

october 10th – North – Autodromo Marcq-en-Baroeul

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