Could parking lots be the new El Dorado of dark shops?

When you enter the Indigo car park on Ile de la Cité, you think you are entering an underground car park like the others. Some green signs, arrows, attract our attention. And then, as you descend into the depths, you notice electric cargo bikes, where you would expect to find cars. We take a small hidden door to our left. The light intensifies, it reflects off the white walls, the temperature drops a few degrees, the polar fleece couriers rush by… dark store totally legal, on the very chic Ile de la Cité in Paris, led by, a subsidiary of Prosol (Grand Frais). The device is amazing. And yet, it could develop, with the imminent promulgation of a government decree, aiming to limit the establishment of dark blinds, those warehouses where e-commerce delivery companies refill their inventories.

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Specifically, the decree will prohibit dark blinds be qualified in the eyes of local urban plans as businesses. then they will be in fact considered warehouses. Changing the technical airs will, in fact, have very concrete consequences, because it will avoid dark blinds to settle in the places foreseen in the urban planning plans for local shops: places on the ground floor, in the city centre, on commercial streets. In Paris, an emblematic example with its hundred dark blinds, the local urban plan thus prohibits the installation of warehouses in residential buildings. And if today many dark blindsqualifying as commerce, bypass the obstacle, so that will no longer be possible with the decree – unless the fast merchants arrive through express lobby to weigh in the balance (see box at the end of the article).

“There are empty floors in the parking lots”

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