Avallon merchants give the e-commerce platform a mixed review after one year of use

Launched in early November 2021, the e-commerce platform cost CCAVM €25,000 to set up and costs €12,000 per year for another two years (the contract with the company responsible for its development lasts for three years ). “It’s not just commerce, it’s also territorial communication, it allows us to see the dynamics of the territory”, defends Jean-Michel Beauger, vice president of the CCAVM responsible for the economy.

And to prove it through the platform’s traffic numbers, avallonnais.moncommercantchezmoi, which has gone from around forty traders at its launch to 150 today. “There are 45 categories of stores, 1,060 products for sale and 43,000 connections since the site’s launch, on average between 100 and 200 per day”.

Just over 150 subscribers today

In view of these results, the Community of Municipalities of Le Serein decided on June 14 to join the platform, at a cost of 3,000 euros. This is being done since Monday and, initially, the number of traders to be drained in the territory of the CCS is estimated at around fifty, some of which are already on the platform.

However, on the side of Avallon traders, results after nearly a year on the site remain mixed. This is the case with France Chouard, from the La Vie Claire wellness center in Avallon, who joined the platform to test the free offer in the first year. “I prefer contact, we are here for that, customers prefer to come and ask for advice in the store.” As for the evolution of its clientele, it is formal, it is almost zero: “I send mail to a customer in Dieppe and that’s it.” She claims to have many more customer contacts through her Facebook page.

I didn’t have time to put the products on and as I didn’t get any feedback from customers, I stopped.

Social networks are also what allows Sylvie Moindrot, from the jeweler of the same name, to promote her products: “I registered when the platform was launched, but I think it’s more complicated, I don’t go there anymore. It’s easier to post photos on Instagram.” She states that she also did not increase her clientele through this service: “For me, it arrived too late, it should have been done during the confinement”. It will not remain on it when it becomes payable.

Award As of May 1, the on-demand transport service open to residents of Avallon is being strengthened in rural municipalities.

An observation that Caroline Dumel, shopkeeper from Avallon, nuances: “I have Instagram and Facebook and I think it’s a good complement to show that we’re all working together”. She hasn’t won more customers through this service, but notes, “I’ve made few sales, but I think that’s because people prefer to come see it on site.” She will stay there because she finds interest, “but not for sale because bringing all the products takes energy from me”.

This issue of the time taken to bring your digital showcase to life is something that several merchants weighed, such as Isabel Simon, from Chamad’art: “I didn’t have time to put the products on and to the extent that I didn’t bring customer feedback, stopped”.

no delivery provider

According to the terms of the contract, after a year of free trial, merchants can choose between several formulas, depending on the subscribed options (website, click and collect or online sales), one to fifteen euros, one to 22.50 euros and one at 32.50 euros. “Nothing is defined, we will adjust the prices and the window can be free”, guarantees Jean-Michel Beauger, who considers that “the merchants have not necessarily appropriated enough of the place”.

If this can actually be known, the development of online sales seems slow. Among the shopkeepers questioned, many say they will not stay if the site becomes chargeable, like Frédéric Flausse, who sells traditional breads and local products: “The good thing is that it has all the products, but there is a lack of communication.” He has a customer who once tried to make an online purchase to no avail. The intercom also regrets not being able to add a delivery service. “We looked for a partner, but we couldn’t find one,” explains Jean-Michel Beauger, who doesn’t rule out recruiting one if the opportunity arises.

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