The main charging networks in Europe

Most electric vehicles are equipped with a satellite navigation system to find charging stations. You can find most EV chargers directly online: Chargemap, OpenChargeMap, Plugshare and Plugsurfing.


Ireland has 1,372 EV chargers. IONITY and Tesla points are also available.

easygo : 2,200 CCS and Chademo fast charging points, including Circle K and ESB electric cars. Prepaid credit, no subscription. Instead of an app, buy a passkey for €6. EasyGo automatically deducts the costs. Pay as you go with a debit/credit card.

GoCharge : €0.30/kWh. Charge via app or key fob.

France and Belgium

France has 47,000 EV charging stations. Belgium has 13,000. Auchan supermarkets have fast chargers.

Izivia, by EDF Energy, provides access to 50 networks and 100,000 chargers in France and Europe, including Corri-Door and Indigo. Subscriptions and a pay-as-you-go system are available. Apply your Izivia Pass RFID card.

Kiwi offers an RFID card and a €24 subscription that allows nationwide access to over 29,000 chargers.

Spain and Portugal

Spain has 8,200 chargers for electric cars. Portugal has 3,200.

Repsol has more than 300 charging stations in Spain and wants to install one every 30 kilometers on the country’s main highways.

Iberdrola and Primeira Stop is installing 350 kW ultra-fast chargers in Spain and Portugal. Iberdrola charging points can be booked and prices checked via an app.

Easycharger offers its own network of chargers accessible by an application and covers other networks. The e-mobility service provider’s access card or application is required to access the network or loads.

Germany, Austria and Switzerland

The electric vehicle charging network in Germany has around 50,000 chargers. Switzerland has 8,100, Austria 8,300.

The application, chip or card EinfachStromLaden from Maingau can be used at 50,000 charging stations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Europe accepts 200,000 points.


Italy has 25,000 porters. IONITY stations and smaller providers charge EVs. BeCharge’s 5,400 EV chargers in Italy can be accessed via smartphone or card. The app Enel X JuicePass has 74,000 charging stations.


In the Netherlands, electric vehicle drivers have access to more than 82,000 charging stations, making the Netherlands the country with the most charging points.

Vattenfall manages over 6,700 chargers in the Netherlands, and users can connect to the company’s InCharge network using a charge badge, charge card or mobile app.

Total will install 20,000 additional chargers in the yard of its service stations, and drivers will also be able to use the Ladenetz charging sites, accessible via an app.

Denmark, Norway and Sweden


Norway has over 20,000 charging points in the Scandinavian region, while Denmark only has around 4,000. Sweden has 14,000.

Clever’s charger network in Denmark is expanding and the company plans to install another 10,000 chargers before 2025. You can use Apple Pay, Mobile Pay or pay directly using your app to make payments and collections.

The E.ON Drive app or a credit card can be used to access E.ON chargers, and subscribers in other European countries can use a charging chip to access E.ON chargers in those countries.

In Denmark, electric vehicle drivers can pay for the use of Sperto charging points using an RFID tag or online. Labels from many other vendors can also be used.

Vattenfall also operates shippers in Sweden. To use your InCharge network, you need a charging key, a charging card or a charging app, as is the case in the Netherlands.

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