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Electric mobility project manager for Avere-Ouest, Olivier Grégoire welcomed visitors to the Côtes-d’Armor EV fair. To inform drivers and their families, he distributed information leaflets and offered a small activity for the children.

Avere-Ouest stand

To find the Avere-Ouest booth at the electric mobility fair held in Saint-Brieuc from Friday, September 2 to Sunday, September 4, 2022, you had to go to one of the halls of the convention center, guided by an honor line made up of fashionable Teslas, Mercedes and Volvos.

Olivier Grégoire had Pascal Georgel’s imposing stand on his right, where very interesting scenes related to sustainable mobility were exhibited. On the other hand, the ACO (Automobile club de l’ouest) was also ready to inform the public as soon as the venue opened at 10am.

Côtes-d'Armor VE 2022 show

However, the space allocated to the Avere-Ouest benefited from an ideal location, right in front of the entrance doors. The project manager’s engaging smile and communication elements did the rest.


Mostly covered in a pale green that caught the eye, the 5 large, unmissable bedrooms didn’t just form a static backdrop. In addition to the 2 signs, the first of which announced ” A city without noise » and the mediation terminal, there was a vehicle equipped with 2 large pins at the rear and a charging station.

Avere-Ouest stand at the Côtes-d'Armor VE 2022 fair

Under the body is a modified antique electric children’s car. When handling a remote control, young visitors must direct it to insert this connector into the charging station », explains Olivier Grégoire. This fun activity helps pique the audience’s curiosity.

These elements were invented and manufactured for training in the Advenir program. We owe the design of the set to a company in Carquefou, near Nantes. “, reveals the project manager.

2 different audiences

Last Friday, September 2, the electric mobility fair was reserved for professionals from the public and private sectors. It is an audience that Olivier Grégoire knows well. He is used to leading training sessions around the Advenir program, which primarily aims to develop charging in France.

To this end, it intervenes in groups formed by elected officials and local actors. ” I benefit from the support of departmental energy unions, each of which is following a master plan. It’s a lot of education, with concrete examples on, for example, charging station patterns “, he reports.

Avere-Ouest stand at the Côtes-d'Armor VE 2022 fair

With this training, we are meeting a need. We help those elected to think about the uses of terminals in their territory so that they choose the right models with the right powers in direct and/or alternating current “, he underlines.

ask the right questions

Today, there is a real need for stations in the form of a hub, with billing differentiated by power and incentive for rotation in front of the terminals “, says Olivier Grégoire.

Among the good questions that elected officials should ask themselves before designing their charging network, is the presence of available terminals or entry into the territory put into service by professionals in the real estate and tourism sector. These elected officials should, in particular, get to know the projects in this area by private actors and encourage them to install charging equipment, in order to alleviate public investment. “, he insists.

During the training, we also presented a slide on investment and maintenance costs, which is sometimes a little underestimated. “, he continues.

general public

The Avere-Ouest project manager also welcomed the general public on Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th of September. What he wants to point out to individuals is that ” sustainable mobility is, above all, reducing and optimizing travel. And if you have to use a motorized personal vehicle, the choice should be an electric model. “.

Avere-Ouest flyer

What specific tools for drivers? ” I have 2 ‘I drive electric’ leaflets for them to help them switch to EVs, purchased by Ademe and validated. The first responds to 10 ideas received “, presents Olivier Grégoire.

In particular, it is a question of demystifying the electric vehicle on its use limited to the city, the short life of its batteries, the charging time that is too long, the price of the machines, the cost of use, its environmental impact, etc.

Before going to the dealership

Bringing also the motto ” Connect, walk, breathe… », the second leaflet distributed at the Avere-Ouest stand is a questionnaire to be completed by yourself, as a couple and even as a family, before going to the dealership. Your role is to help make the right choice of electric car.

The first of the 5 parts questions the real needs: daily mileage, exceptional long trips, the type of habitat (house with garage or collective building) and the possibilities of recharging in the workplace. It is then a matter of thinking about the vehicle itself: type (city car, sedan, SUV, utility vehicle, etc.), budget, desired autonomy, number of seats on board, etc.

Côtes-d'Armor VE 2022 show

The third section must be completed with the dealership’s sales consultant to learn about the characteristics of the new or used model planned: autonomy, battery energy capacity, recharging possibilities and times, consumption, warranty duration on the vehicle and the backpack, cables and badges provided for resupply, etc.

The fourth part invites you to identify the purchase aid granted by the government, local authorities (city, metropolis, department, region), manufacturer, etc. The brochure ends with a space to record the impressions felt during the test drive of the vehicle.

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