a digital market to retain overseas territories

In principle, the Internet knows no borders and a consumer, regardless of where he is connected, can find an e-commerce site to make a purchase. However, the e-commerce industry has its own logistical issues and company directors may be reluctant to open up to certain digital markets.

Between particularly long delivery times and very high logistical costs, offering the online sale of your products to DROM-COM (overseas departments and regions and communities abroad, formerly DOM-TOM) can take up a lot of time and resources. For the management of after-sales service and returns, but also to cover delivery costs.

On the other hand, once these obstacles have been removed, online sales on DROM-COM can very quickly generate significant revenue while remaining profitable. No less than 2 million customers subject to a weak competitive market place their trust in e-commerce players in DROM-COM. In order to respond to local specificities, a good marketing strategy and reliable logistics are essential, and it is rare to find a Marketplace such as Dommarket, which allows management from A to Z, from promotion to product delivery. An essential asset when you know that the Overseas Territories represent an essential business opportunity.

DROM-COM, Connected Territories

As of May 2022, according to a study by Médiamétrie, 76.2% of the population in the Antilles-Guyana and 74.6% in Réunion use the internet every day. Constantly changing numbers, with emphasis on the explosion of registrations on social networks (90% of Antilo-Guyanese and Reunionese).

A significant number for consumption habits getting familiarized with digital uses just as quickly. Due to the high margins observed on goods imported from France and the monopoly situations in a large number of sectors, DROM-COM reigns supreme… Locals are therefore increasingly turning to e-commerce, especially since the beginning of the health crisis.

DROM-COMs thus emerge as a digital market to conquer for all e-commerce players.

The logistical aspects of the foreign market

Opening your market to overseas territories obviously requires a lot of logistical and material precautions. It is not simply a matter of transporting goods: other aspects as important as after-sales service and potential returns come into play. The further away the DROM-COMs in question are, the more difficult it will be to manage these problems. 80% of Internet users abroad believe that delivery times in their territory are too long. Furthermore, they regret that they are not always able to exercise their right of withdrawal by returning a product easily.

Customs regulations also differ widely from metropolitan France, despite its French administrative status. Among other things, a customs duty is applied to all parcels from mainland France worth more than €20. Any desire to integrate into the overseas market must therefore be accompanied by an exemplary mastery of the financial and administrative subtleties of customs fees.

Not only must delivery take place in the best possible conditions to reach dedicated collection points without incident, but effective communication must also be carried out to reach potential customers beyond the web. Pamphlets, leaflets and 4×3 displays still represent today the most used means of communication in these regions, including for the dissemination of websites.

Join a marketplace for effective implementation

Fortunately, due to the difficulties mentioned above, DROM-COMs remain a largely unexplored digital market. Investing it guarantees, even today, very little competition. Getting in touch with experienced professionals and, above all, partners familiar with the culture and uses of the territory, is the first step towards a successful opening to a wide and varied clientele.

Thus, in the e-commerce sector, marketplaces dedicated to the online sale of products manage a large number of logistical and marketing aspects to effectively penetrate these markets.

“The Dommarket team with strong roots abroad offers an almost exclusive presence to its partners in its sector of activity. As well as the total control of its products from the French mainland to the customer’s home, namely with the management of customs and returns, without forgetting the communication with 1.4 million qualified contacts through the distribution of leaflets, newsletters and marketing campaigns. online and offline. », tells us one of the market managers.

Of course, all these aspects cannot be carried out properly without a thorough and accurate market study carried out upstream. The cost of living in DROM-COM and customs fees can force a review of the price of the goods in relation to their distribution in France and even in Europe, which necessarily leads to selecting the products offered for sale according to consumption habits. at the point.

Conclusion: a market with great potential

In a context of a tenfold increase in the use of social networks and VOD platforms outside France, the digital DROM-COM market is becoming more important than ever. Although most of its internet users have already purchased a product online, the monopoly of local players still leaves a large margin to win new customers. Surrounding yourself with the best partners and offering the most suitable online shopping solutions for local inflation and delivery cost issues is key to taking advantage of this promising market.

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