Ariège: in Mazères, start-up helps students with thesis or doctorate

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Barbara Delacroix and Marvin Sant are the directors of the start-up Scriptor artis. This company based in Mazères, in Ariège, helps students in the process of writing their theses or doctorates.

“When you do a thesis or a doctorate, you feel alone.” This is the observation made several years ago by Barbara Delacroix when she was still a student. This 30-year-old, originally from the Loire-Atlantique, decided to help those who followed her. In 2017, she launched her own company called Scriptor artis, to advise PhD students and PhD students in need… And quickly found herself overwhelmed by demand.

“So I wanted to go further, to have better tools to be able to help more widely,” says the 37-year-old. Problem, if Barbara Delacroix has all the necessary knowledge, she doesn’t have the technical competence to carry out her project.

A decisive and improvised meeting

It was finally during his cousin’s bachelor party, originally from Toulouse (Haute-Garonne), that the CEO of Scriptor artis met Marvin Sant. This meeting is decisive. A few months later, he became the start-up’s “technical guarantee”.

Starting in September 2019, Marvin Sant starts coding the framework website and tools that the company will make available to students. As of October 2020, the young shoot is still established in Herbignac, in the Nantes region. The duo decides to return to Marvin Sant’s homelands. They then find a house in Mazères to put their bags. “I was born in Foix and I have many ties with Ariège”, explains the technical director of Scriptor artis. It’s great to be able to work here”, explains the technical director of Scriptor Artis.

Installation in Mazeres in 2020

For her part, Barbara Delacroix has family in the region and finds in Mazères the ideal place to move her start-up. “We have all the necessary amenities here and, above all, excellent quality fiber. It’s much better than we had before.” A clincher. The small dozen employees, on the other hand, are scattered across France. She works remotely. “We meet about once a month in Nantes or at the company’s headquarters. This great house makes union possible,” says Marvin Sant.

T. Zar is the first solution offered to students. It is an open source campus, that is, community, that allows students to do research as part of their degree, share their findings and follow the thesis or doctoral defense. Over time, T.Zar has more and more reference documents. It also makes it possible to support its users in the writing methodology of their document. Students can, for example, rely on testimonials and tutorials made by former doctoral students or doctoral candidates. “Despite the differences in subjects and topics studied, students have the same problems or needs,” explains Barbara Delacroix.

Second solution proposed by young shoot: a collective work platform called Clavius. In particular, it stores large documents or files. A service that, like what Google Workspace can offer, aims to provide solutions for communities and companies, as Marvin Sant explains. “In our desire to increasingly establish ourselves in Ariège, we are meeting with local authorities in the department. Clavius, in addition to having similar features to many workspaces, also allows you to modify documents and track these changes over time. T. Zar and Clavius ​​are fully sovereign and eco-responsible. We want our servers to consume a minimum of energy. 100% of our services are in France.”

A desire to develop more

With T.Zar and Clavius, the start-up Scriptor Artis already has two complete work solutions for different audiences. From now on, the company seeks to expand and make itself known to as many people as possible. Since the beginning of September, Barbara Delacroix and Marvin Sant have launched a series of podcasts and videos called “Portrait of Researchers”.

In each episode, Scriptor artis wants to open the world of higher education to as many people as possible, explaining, for example, how a thesis is developed, how it is prepared or written. And there is no lack of future prospects for the young company from Ariège. It will strengthen your communication to achieve new goals.

In short, great areas to develop for Scriptor artis, which is destined to grow in the coming years. Good news for students who have long been on the sidelines of the health crisis, if not completely abandoned…

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