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Companies of all sizes and in all sectors of activity must be innovative to adapt their digital strategy and meet the new expectations of their customers and prospects. They need talent to support them in the face of market developments and new technologies. ” In the field of digital marketing and web design, skills and scopes evolve rapidly: use of TikTok, use of video in social media and motion design, e-commerce augmented by virtual reality, emergence of communities in the metaverse, creation of podcasts or web TV, development of branded content, relationship with influencers… », analyzes Tamara Mouzannar, marketing and communication manager at the WebForce3 school. Great opportunities are offered to those planning to relocate or retrain in this dynamic and recruiting industry.

The importance of versatility to meet the challenges of business digitization

The role of webdesign and digital marketing manager is a profile that is currently highly sought after by VSEs and SMEs, as it brings many advantages, such as creativity, innovation and consistency with the strategic roadmap. He demonstrates flexibility, can increase his abilities to adapt to the evolution of digital technology and face the new challenges of the company. ” They need to refer to a contributor to develop and master digital strategy and operations. The responsible for webdesign and digital marketing plays the role of a true Swiss Army knife at the service of companies with solid skills and a 360° view of the different perimeters. »

At the crossroads of many disciplines, such as design to project brand identity, branding (content, storytelling, social media) but also acquisition (advertising, analytics), this business is characterized by the interoperability of skills, both technical, creative and organizational. ” The disciplines intersect and enrich each other to contribute to a virtuous circle for digital strategy. Even if a company wants to invest in one area, talent must have a multi-skilled base to achieve its goals. »

This versatility, in particular, will allow him to exchange with all professions, whether internally or with external service providers, from the web designer to the developer for the design and graphic creation of a website, including SEOs (SEA, SEA), editors web pages or even community managers. He must also know how to measure and analyze the results of the actions carried out through his various projects.

Transversal skills for easier integration into the labor market

Faced with the current changes in the sector with new modes of consumption and increased needs for digitization, recruiters are looking for versatile candidates, but also creative, autonomous and with very good general knowledge of the web. ” If the question of digital interest no longer arises, companies need to be challenged and advised in this perimeter. During the study and pedagogical engineering phase, it was found that companies needed to use a collaborator to develop and master the digital and operational strategy. Thanks to the skills acquired during our training in digital marketing and web design, WebForce3 trainees present themselves as future strategic partners of the company. »

Specifically, the webdesign and digital marketing manager must be able to configure the storytelling and digital branding of a brand, create web and video media, manage online communities, the relationship with influencers, but also advertising campaigns and analyze its ROI. . It is required to develop the natural reference of a website or blog, to develop the front end as well as the graphics. These soft skills will help them to integrate more easily into the job market.

Next to interpersonal skills, its versatility and constant monitoring of digital news and its sector of activity will allow you to keep up to date on market trends, their uses and the tools to master. You must also know how to manage priorities and your stress to face the responsibilities that fall to you. ” Professional development is fast and exciting. These positions are often open in demanding and changing environments. Students have even more facilities to become attractive in the job market. It is also possible to specialize in an area and become a freelancer in order to perform specific tasks for certain departments of start-ups or large groups.

Vocational training adapted to digital recycling

The training in digital marketing and webdesign delivered by WebForce3 is designed by business experts, digital companies and in-service trainers. It is complete and covers all areas, with a view to acquiring the necessary skills to exercise the profession of webdesigner and digital marketing manager. The school offers several courses to choose from: in a bootcamp of 1 to 3 months of courses, depending on your chosen specialization, web design or digital marketing, or through a full 18-month work-study program. Whichever formula you choose, the course allows you to quickly access or return to employment with, depending on the preferred format, obtaining TOSA and Opquast certifications and a recognized and issued RNCP level 6 (bac+3) professional title. by the state.

WebForce3 courses are open to everyone, with no prerequisite diploma or technical knowledge. They are perfectly suited for recycling projects for those looking to boost their professional career. The School Advantage: A blended learning pedagogy that combines live training and learning through the WebForce.Life e-learning platform. Exercises, fictional and real projects, but also the creation of a portfolio, are in the program to enrich the practical application of knowledge.

An example of a project presentation as part of the digital marketing and webdesign course. © WebForce3

The training meets the expectations of companies and the reality of skills needs. There is a talent shortage in these professions, so go for it! adds Tamara Mouzannar. WebForce3 has 60% of students finding a job and 30% becoming freelancers or continuing their course.

Become a webdesign and digital marketing manager with WebForce3

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Introducing WebForce3

WebForce3 is a network of 50 schools, training digital professions under pressure, with campuses throughout France, but also in Belgium, Luxembourg and Morocco.

3 main streams are offered:

  • Web development,
  • cybersecurity, systems and networks,
  • digital marketing and web design.

The courses are open to everyone (students, current employees, professionals in recycling, people with disabilities, etc.), and are accessible without age, diploma or technical knowledge prerequisites. WebForce3’s pedagogy is based on live training provided by business and learning experts through the WebForce.Life e-learning platform.

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