MerciApp, the spell checker that makes your life easier


Whether it’s a blog post, a chat, or an email, providing quality writing is essential. It’s really about credibility with readers. This being a rigorous task, why not use an automatic spell checker? Check out @ThankApp.

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Introducing MerciApp, the next generation spell checker

Do you regularly write reports as part of your work, IM or blog content and don’t want to make mistakes anymore? The spell checker MerciApp will seduce you without any doubt.

Available online since 2020, MerciApp detects grammar, conjugation, spelling, typography and syntax errors (even the most advanced) in real time. Thanks to its writing aids and powerful correction tools, it improves the style of French-speaking users and allows them to communicate better.

MerciApp is easy to use and suitable for professionals and individuals. It is the result of decades of linguistic research and development, and has established itself as a reference in the French-speaking market. It is therefore not surprising that it has been approved by the staff of Le Monde, the Académie Française, the Gallimard editions, Ouest France, the editorial staff of Le Figaro, …

MerciApp in some numbers

ThanksApp is:

  1. 715,000 word forms;
  2. 1.5 million word combinations;
  3. more than 3,000 semantic rules;
  4. more than 10,000 syntactic rules;
  5. over 200 typographic rules;
  6. 300,000 meanings of words;
  7. 200,000 nodes in the ontology;
  8. 250 million corrected words.

What are the advantages of MerciApp?

Everyone knows this: spelling and grammatical errors affect the seriousness of the editor. If a journalist, for example, makes a mistake in the introduction of his article, it can tarnish his image and discourage readers.

Using the MerciApp spell checker has considerable advantages. According to a survey conducted by OpinionWay, 78% of service professionals admitted to making regular errors in syntax, grammar, conjugation and spelling. Along the same lines, 67% of decision makers have already been discouraged by a contact person’s poor written expression.

The average French executive spends an average of 28 minutes reading each other every day, which is a significant waste of time. MerciApp was designed to remedy that and make life easier.

Thus, it is clear that MerciApp brings a gain in productivity and credibility. A tool based on excellence that will highlight your know-how:

  1. online editor: correction, management and export of documents and control of their formatting;
  2. browser extension: correction of texts on various websites, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Gmail;
  3. Office Add-ins: Enhance emails and documents with Office integrations available online and on macOS and Windows;
  4. Google Add-ons: Correction of presentations and business documents through the integrations available in Google Slides and Google Docs.

How does MerciApp work?

The MerciApp spell checker combines classic web development processes, algorithms and linguistic research. Depending on the formula chosen, it offers more or less efficient features. You will find there, for example, the correction tools built into the Google and Office suites, consistent spacing, parsing and spelling, …

To make it easier for you, MerciApp uses different colors for typographical, contextual, semantic, spelling, grammatical, stylistic errors, …

The app’s French language correction engine is one of the most powerful in the world.

Web extensions are available

For added convenience, MerciApp developers also offer browser extensions. Whether you’re using Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, you’ll get real-time fixes.

Do you regularly work in CMS (WordPress, for example) or publish daily content on social networks (Facebook, for example)? Just activate the extension, find the flaws and fix them. Nothing is easier.

MerciApp is compatible with platforms like Gmail, Google Docs, WordPress, Evernote, …

What is MerciApp’s business model?

The trial version is offered free of charge for 14 days. It is suitable for occasional spell checker use and is intended for individuals. It includes options such as error explanations, correction and usage reports, web extension, grammar and spelling analysis (basic mode), dictionary and correction in Office, Google Slides and Google Docs, and spacing analysis.

When the trial period ends, you will have the option to stay there or switch to a more complete, paid subscription.

For 8 euros a month, you can enjoy the Pro version. It is suitable for advanced or regular use and includes a collaborative workspace, typographic and contextual analysis, typographic and linguistic options, enhanced styling, parsing (expert mode) and all the features of the free plan.

A 30-day trial period is offered. After that, your account will automatically switch to the free offer.

The 3rd offer is for companies and includes access to the API, Account Manager and all the options of the previous 2.

MerciApp outperforms Microsoft and Apple real-time fixes. This app will change the way you compose texts and correct them. How to improve your professionalism.

How to install and configure MerciApp?

First, create an account on the publisher’s website. Then install the extension in your browser.

The application’s interface is simple, ergonomic and fluid, and includes 5 tabs:

  1. Personal dictionary: this tab groups all the words learned during corrections;
  2. Spelling: Here you can adjust the correction in the usual spelling area. These settings are simple and can be enabled or disabled;
  3. Grammar: as indicated, this nail is specifically dedicated to grammar;
  4. Context: in this tab, all settings are reserved for contextual analysis;
  5. Typography: This tab will allow you to choose your typography (for example, there will be no more space between a punctuation mark and the last letter of a sentence).

MerciApp is a powerful and complete spell checker for different profiles. It refines the style of French speakers writing or exchanging daily, whether in a professional or personal context. If you want to maintain a certain legitimacy and credibility with your readers, it will be of great help and will save you considerable time.

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