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Buying a product or service through a social network is a very democratized practice nowadays. Live shopping is also starting to appear in Europe… These two trends can be explained by the new consumption habits developed especially during the confinement.

Dealabs, the bargain hunter in France and a true observatory of online consumption, helps consumers, through their own social networks, to orient themselves in a digital universe saturated with promotional offers… owned by Pepper, an independent group with the world’s largest business sharing community.

Sébastien Ducelliez, European Partnerships Manager at Pepper

After a master’s degree in management and marketing at Neoma Business School, he joined Danone France as a sales representative. He then continued his career as a key account manager at Sagem Mobiles, then as a senior key account manager at Sony (2008) and Samsung Electronics (2010). After an experience as commercial director at CFI-EXTEL, Sébastien ended up joining Dealabs in January 2018, as head of partnerships. In 2019, he became the head of European partnerships for the Pepper group.

How do you explain this enthusiasm for social commerce and live shopping?

Consumers feel the need to receive advice on what they are buying. The “Telesales” type formats are already outdated, and consumers are looking for more “real” returns and products that correspond a little more to their habits and desires.

Generally, live shopping has the advantage of presenting items – known and reputable, but also of offering promotions on these same products directly during the live, which gives them a real advantage. On the other hand, the proliferation of promotional periods, private sales, as well as changes to the legal framework for sales, resulted in a loss of reference on prices and on what is really a good deal.

Social commerce and live shopping help restore the idea of ​​what the right price is and rebuild trust between brands and consumers in this ever-changing environment.

Social networks are strategic for Dealabs. What platforms are you on and why?

In general, social networks allow Dealabs to interact with its members, but also with new users who do not necessarily know us. We are where the consumers are and this represents a means of recruitment but also of brand loyalty.

We are present on Twitter (almost 500k followers), Facebook (almost 200k followers), Instagram (almost 100k followers), TikTok (+150k followers) and Twitch (6k followers). We are also starting our first tests on YouTube with 2,700 subscribers.

Each of these networks brings us closer to our community, although we have different goals.

For example, Twitter and Instagram are two perfect platforms to communicate our offers, notifying members when PS5s are leaving or discussing business.

TikTok and Instagram are managed differently and allow us to share tips with our members. We discuss current trends, share tips on do’s and don’ts depending on the season. We also discussed more specific topics (Amazon Prime price increase, How to save on train tickets, for example).

Finally, Twitch is a brand new tool that we mainly use to exchange live with our members, answer questions and provide more transparency in the way we work on a day-to-day basis.

To respond to the live shopping trend, Dealabs was launched on Twitch. What are the benefits of live streaming when it comes to supporting consumers?

Unlike other more traditional channels, the advantage of Twitch is being able to create and generate live content and thus be able to interact directly with our community. Some have legitimate queries or sometimes need our opinions on offers/products. Twitch makes it possible to respond to them and trade instantly. It is very pleasant to be able to advise members or simply to be able to discuss the products, their quality/price ratio and the real potential of an offer.

In your opinion, what are the best practices to adopt for effective live shopping on Twitch?

You have to prepare a little. Listening to trends, looking at a product’s price history so you don’t make a mistake, and reading buyer feedback to ensure the quality of what we’re going to talk about.

For example, it is important to advise and present products related to the seasons: air conditioning/fans in summer/toys and games at Christmas. You have to know how to adapt to needs/requests and take into account different factors – such as price increases, to maintain a certain consistency in what you present. Especially at this time when purchasing power is an important criterion, people expect great deals, great discounts and take advantage when possible.

In addition, the tone used (which should be simple and relaxed) and objectivity – with regard to the brands and products presented, are essential to maintain consumer confidence and not repeat the mistakes made by marketing influencers that consumers pull away. lack of objectivity and neutrality.

Social commerce and live shopping work very well with Generation Z, who are ultra-connected. What are you doing to capture this audience?

Dealabs’ audience is naturally quite young (mainly 18-35), and that’s why our platform is particularly suitable for communicating with Generation Z. This audience is in fact very connected, values ​​exchanges of experience and responsiveness. always satisfied with ready-made marketing pitches and often needs peer approval to guide their purchasing decisions. This is what Dealabs usually allows.

In order to communicate effectively with this audience, it is important to offer them the most free and open communication space possible.

The tone adopted by our editorial and moderation teams (orally and in writing) is also simple and straightforward. It is important that our members and users feel comfortable so that they can communicate with confidence.

What concrete actions are you implementing on these social networks to unite your community?

Some concrete actions recently implemented by Dealabs:

What are the social networks where you record the best performances?

Twitter is our most impactful social network at the moment, we have a very active community, which is very committed to our various posts and closely follows everything that is shared.

However, our Instagram and especially TikTok communities have been growing rapidly for several months now and we are seeing an increase in engagement and followers.

We expect to achieve similar results quickly on our Twitch account, mainly thanks to important commercial events such as Black Friday. Facebook, in turn, is a more general audience, but it is quite suitable for communicating product families such as home, services, fashion, which are categories consumed by the greatest number of people.

What are your goals for the next few months? Which social platforms will you focus your efforts on?

A few months ago, we launched the personalization feature on Dealabs, so that each user can find content that is always more suited to their current desires and expectations. We will continue this work and offer personalized communications outside of our website and app (notifications, email newsletter, etc.).

In terms of social networks, we intend to continue our momentum on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and develop in particular on Twitch, YouTube and TikTok. We are currently looking to increase our audience and engagement on these platforms by producing content of interest.

In a few months, we will also be able to offer some brands the opportunity to participate in these communications, but always respecting our principles of neutrality and objectivity.

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