another giant leap for the United States

The United States is taking another step in banning thermal cars and promoting the electric car thanks to California.

Los Angeles, California

Article updated on August 26: That’s it, it’s official, California has just passed the law according to which car manufacturers will no longer have the right to sell thermal cars in 2035 as reported by the local website. electrek. The US state went even further, imposing the following conditions on manufacturers:

  • cars must come with the charging cable,
  • Necessary adapters must be provided
  • Second-hand electric cars must report the status of their battery
  • batteries must retain at least 70% of their capacity for 10 years and 240,000 km (80% for models from 2030 onwards)
  • Manufacturers must share information needed for repairs with independent workshops

This is excellent news for the development of the electric car in the United States (but also for the planet because of the less pollution generated by electric vehicles), as many states want to follow the path opened by California. Fifteen states have already adopted more restrictive anti-pollution measures than those enacted by the federal government. These states alone represent 40% of the American automotive market. We imagine, therefore, that the others will follow quickly and that the manufacturers will not have fun offering thermal cars to some states and electric cars to others because of the expensive investments to be profitable.

August 25th original article : Like the European Union, California must also ban the sale of thermal cars from 2035. The decision will be taken in the next few hours.

A few weeks ago, the European Union officially voted in favor of banning manufacturers from selling thermal cars from 2035 onwards. A measure that obviously was not without controversy. And yet, this measure will not be applied only in the Old Continent, as it even inspires the United States.

Towards a ban in 2035

In fact, the idea of ​​banning the sale of internal combustion cars had already been raised two years earlier by California Governor Gavin Newsom.. But if it had been left out a little, it now reappears. And this time, the decision can be made soon, as the vote is expected to take place a little later. The text of the law which must therefore be adopted briefly emphasizes that ” All new cars sold in California must be “zero-emission” polluting, starting in 2035 at the latest“.

This measure will therefore be discussed by the California Office responsible for air quality (California Air Resources Board, CARB) during the day, as confirmed by one of its members, Daniel Sperling in CNN. According to him, this law has a 99.9% chance of being approved and should encourage other states to follow suit. California is in fact one of the most avant-garde in terms of energy transition, in a country that is very unequal in the matter. Furthermore, the west coast state represents the largest market in the United States. This decision is therefore expected to have a strong impact on car manufacturers, most of which have already decided to switch to fully electric within the next ten years.

a progressive measure

But before completely banning thermal cars from its dealerships, California plans to make the transition in stages. Indeed, the next target is set for 2026, when 35% of new vehicle sales should be made up of electric models. That number will increase each year, reaching 51% in 2028, 68% in 2030, and 100% five years later. These quotas would also allow 20% of electric cars sold to be truly plug-in hybrids, unlike Europe, which would like to do without them in the long term because of their use.

However, this new regulation will not focus on used cars already in circulation, which will therefore have the right to continue to circulate.. If California is ahead of France in electric car market share, with around 16% to 12.1%, it wants to pick up the pace in every possible way. In Los Angeles, for example, the city council now wants to ban the construction of new gas stations. The goal ? Encourage drivers to go back to using electricity.

Los Angeles wants to ban gas stations to save the planet

The city of Los Angeles, known for its monstrous traffic jams and car culture, wants to ban the construction of new gas stations.
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