The startup that wants to revolutionize travel codes in Algeria

He is convinced that Algeria can become the destination” authentic and eco-responsible tourism par excellence“.

He is Anouar Hachemane, a 34-year-old young Algerian businessman. He is one of the Algerian startups that presented their startup during a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron during the latter’s recent visit to Algeria (25-27 August).

In 2019, it launched “Maghrebian Experiences”, a digital platform that, in addition to highlighting the richness of Maghreb cultures, wants to revolutionize travel codes in Algeria and “change the narrative in the territory”.

The journey of a travel-loving startup

After studying business in France, Anouar Hashemane settled in India in 2009. A new life began for this travel enthusiast.

At the end of my studies, I went to India for an internship. I fell in love with this country and its culture. So I decided to settle there, I lived there for ten years “, he tells the TSA.

In India, Anouar Hachemane works in the pharmaceutical industry and at the same time launches his own consulting company, then an agency representing the fate of the Maghreb in Asia, “Visit Maghreb”.

But after nearly ten years in India, Anouar is starting to feel homesick.

I was away from my family and I started to miss my country. So I decided to move to Algeria in 2019 and start a business here“, he continues.

In Algeria, Anouar Hachemane immediately embarked on the entrepreneurial adventure. He successively created two start-ups: one in the tourism and cultural promotion sector, “Maghreb Experience”, the other, in pedagogy and school support for children, “Skoolup”.

A new type of tourism in Algeria

Anouar Hashemane wants to revolutionize travel codes. He believes that the traditional offer is not in line with the needs of the market.

It was while thinking about a new type of tourism in Algeria that he came up with the idea of ​​the “Maghreb Experience”. A startup whose aim is to “build a new narrative” about a destination, a culture and connect travelers with locals.

What we want is to link territory and culture. Put travelers in touch with “Maghrebi manufacturers” who are actors of culture and heritage, but also creators of unique experiences. The traveler is invited to discover a region through creative entrepreneurs, artists, painters, cooks, guides, historians, archaeologists. We help them build a new discourse around culture“, details Anouar Hashemane.

It is considered that the visit to the Kasbah of Algiers, for example, can be done with a guide, but also with a musician, a craftsman, a cook, who animates the culture of this territory.“, he adds.

Through his startup, Anouar Hashemane says he wants to change “ the way we see tourism, the discovery of heritage and the way we talk about ourselves“.

According to him, for a traveler in search of experience and new discourses, Maghreb Experience is the solution that will allow him to discover Algeria ” in the most authentic way possible“.

A trip to Constantine around the music of Malouf, or an expedition through the fantasies of western Algeria, what the Maghreb Experience offers concretely are trips ” inspiring, in total immersion, to discover the culture and heritage“, summarizes this young entrepreneur.

For him, the best way to promote Algeria’s destiny is through ” a multiple policy and a real mediation“. ” It is also necessary to train people and develop the art of receiving, but above all, to build a new discourse about Algeria abroad.“, he offers.

At the local level, you have to segment. Not everyone is interested in the same thing. Territories should be segmented according to people’s interests. It is up to us to be able to build different offers according to the needs of each“, develops Anouar Hashemane.

Entrepreneurship in Algeria

Anouar Hachemane is co-founder of two startups in Algeria. He explains that the Algerian entrepreneurial ecosystem is ” developing more and more“.

The Ministry of Startups has implemented investment support measures. There is a real development of the entrepreneurship sector in the country. Now, this sector must specialize more and more. It is important that entrepreneurs from each sector can get to know each other” , he said.

To all those who wish to undertake in Algeria, Anouar Hachemane advises ” be empathetic, open-minded, adapt, listen, be flexible and above all, resilient“.

Not everything is done the first time. You have to try and try again. It’s trying that we end up succeeding“, he concludes.

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