Lebonquad, the leading website for selling Quads for children in France

The holidays will end soon for all students in France, as the start of this year’s academic year will take place on 1er September for almost everyone… After the start of the school year, having purchased the school supplies, you will have to think about end-of-the-year gifts… And if you parents bought an electric car this year, it’s the newest you can ask for an electric car or quad to do “like father” or “like mother”… Forget the pedal cars we know, cars and quads for kids are now electric. .. We press the accelerator button and that’s it… But how to choose an ATV or an electric car for children? We explain everything to you!

How to choose an electric quad for children?

When choosing an electric ATV for kids, there are three important criteria to take into account… The first criterion concerns the size of the ATV which will obviously differ depending on the age and size of the child riding it. Between 3 and 5 years old, the size of the quadrilateral must be between 93 and 110 centimeters, then between 110 and 123 centimeters for children from 5 to 8 years old… it must not exceed 50 kilos… Electric kids quads are on Lebonquad.comleader in the sale of Quads for children in France and you will necessarily find an electric quadricycle adapted to the age and size of your child… The second criterion concerns the quad’s power… There are two power levels on the French market: 800 W and 1000 W. We will choose one of 800 W for children from 3 to 5 years old and one of 1000 W for children from 5 to 8 years old.

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The next criterion is the ATV brand… Beware of brands that offer very affordable electric ATVs, this often hides a failure to comply with European safety standards. These ATVs can be very dangerous for children… You should choose an ATV with good shock absorbers, front and rear brakes and preferably discs and 6 inch wheels for better stability. Regarding speed, there are three options: 7, 15 and 35 km/h, so you should choose a quad that allows you to choose the lowest speed to start with and that you can adjust according to the child’s progress. . An electric quadricycle worthy of the name costs between 400 and 800 €, below, it is better not to tempt fate!

And electric cars for kids then?

Lebonquad also offers electric cars for children and it’s so important to know how to choose the best one… It can also be a matter of age… If quadricycles are accessible from 3 years old, because they are heavier and more powerful, small electric cars can be driven by children from 18 months… They are available in sweet pink or Ferrari red and with a little luck you will be able to find the exact copy of your own miniature vehicle, the absolute necessity for a child to have the same car as their parents, right?

Electric cars for children are generally available in two batteries: 6V (12 months / 3 years) and 12V (after 3 years). A 6V battery offers a speed of 3 km/h, perfect for walking alongside without running… The 12V goes up to 8 km/h and that’s more than enough speed to guarantee the safety of small drivers… choose a “good battery” because children love to honk, turn on the headlights or radio, play with the indicators, etc. Battery life should be between 30 minutes and 2 hours so as not to frustrate the child. If you have several kids in the same age group, consider choosing an electric car with a passenger seat… This will avoid a lot of conflicts, even if they necessarily fight over who is the driver!

The other electric vehicles offered by Lebonquad…

If quadricycles and electric cars haven’t won your child’s favor and he prefers a pit bike or an electric motorcycle, you can also find what he’s looking for at Lebonquad… In this category of electric motorcycles, the site offers many models for children from 3 to 16 years… 50 machines are available, from the small bike for children to the motocross for teenagers…. And they also offer pocket bikes that are too cute for little ones… Take a ride, you’ll fall in love!

Lebonquad, the leading website for selling Quads for children in France
Photo credit: @miniwheeling

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