Hasa Optix ophthalmic instrument company changes division

British group Rayner, owned by CVC Capital Partners, has invested in Brussels start-up Hasa Optix Belgium, which specializes in ophthalmic surgical instruments.

Start-up created six years ago for the development of instrumentation solutions in ophthalmic surgery, Hasa Optix Belgium has changed divisions: the Brussels company has just completed a partnership with the British group Rayner, an important player in the ophthalmology sector.

In hospitals, the management of ophthalmic surgical instruments is often a real headache. Surgeons sometimes find that your very fragile micro-instruments are damaged after being sterilized. In turn, nurses must organize themselves with the numerous instruments of each surgeon. And for the finance department, it is often difficult have an estimate of profit and loss of these operations.


Hasa Optix aims to simplify the lives of all these actors. To that end, it created a range of ophthalmic surgery instruments premium quality disposable and recyclable. These can advantageously replace both the titanium reusable instruments – expensive and often damaged in sterilization – that the disposable instruments of poorer quality and often not recyclable. The Brussels expansion targets all eye surgery, but cataract surgery, in full expansion, however, it represents 70% of the total.

“The surgeon is sure of being able to operate with constant quality instrumentation.”

Eric T’Scharner

CEO of Hasa Optix Belgium

“Our instrument solutions offer a level of quality at least as high as sterilizable titanium instruments,” explains company CEO Eric T’Scharner. They are made of stainless steel and therefore easily recyclable.. We are also in contact with several players to set up a recycling sector. We offer a wide range in which the individual instruments are easily assembled inside a paper bag, a set that allows to provide the right instrument solution for every surgery, even occasionally. The surgeon is sure of being able to operate with constant quality instrumentation without the risk of finding himself, in the middle of the operation, with damaged instruments. Nurses no longer have to juggle dozens of boxes of different sterilizable instruments. Previously, each surgeon actually had your own sterilizable instrument box. And it is also a facility for the financial director of a hospital that has at a specific cost for each surgical procedure performed.

A contract with Chirec

The company was founded in 2016 by a British engineer and a Dutch eye surgeon. He received his first permits two years later. But the founders didn’t really have time to develop the product, and the turnover remained largely confidential, even though the instruments seem to appeal to the pros. In 2019, Eric T’Scharner, a commercial engineer and entrepreneur working in a completely different sector, entered the capital as a minority. In late 2021, he bought everything from the founders.

To go further, Eric T’Scharner is bold and gets in touch with one of the best American eye surgeons, Dr. Eric Donnenfeld.

The company had already won a first contract with the Chirec hospital group, near which Hasa Optix was recently installed, as well as with other hospitals in some European countries, including the Netherlands. To go further, Eric T’Scharner is bold and contact one of the best american eye surgeons, Dr. Eric Donnenfeld, offering to test out one of their instrument sets. “To my great surprise, a few weeks later he called me back saying he had never seen such quality and advised me to look for the British company Rayner, a former family business with strong social values, which designs and manufactures intraocular lenses and injection devices intended for cataract surgery” continues Hasa’s CEO.

A few months later, an agreement was signed that provided for a commercial and the entry of the British company in the capital of Hasa, with a strong minority position. Rayner, which makes over £200m, is part of the Galaxy private equity firm CVC Capital partners. “The arrival of Rayner/CVC is a big boost for our company. They gave us access from the beginning to their centers of expertise in various areas: legal, marketing, IT… We will embark with them in the coming months in new markets like the US or Australia”, adds Eric T’Scharner, who is pleased to see that sales start in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Austria or Israel.

The summary

  • Start-up created six years ago for the development of instrumentation solutions in ophthalmic surgery, Hasa Optix Belgium drew attention from the Rayner group.
  • The British firm is part of the private equity firm galaxy CVC Capital partners.
  • Rayner’s arrival is giving a boost for Hasa Optixwhose sales are taking off in many countries.

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