The challenges of the digital transition of traditional commerce

The digital transition generates new challenges

The transition from traditional commerce to online commerce is quite complex as it is necessary to adapt your traditional marketing and sales strategies with the online platform. It is also the transition of your business to a virtual market, the highlight of your products online. How to generate new leads online without direct contact and how to liquidate your products online?

To move from traditional sales strategy to online commerce, several steps must be taken into consideration and specific plans must be implemented. The new challenges of the digital transition concern in particular:

The implementation of adapted logistics through e-commerce

First of all, in e-commerce, your prospects must have access to an easily accessible and fluid website. Everything happens online. It is essential to offer the customer the best possible navigation through your website in terms of speed and convenience. Also reward commerce software that makes it easy to showcase your products online and ensures optimal visibility for your potential customers.

In terms of physical logistics for your e-commerce, it is essential:

  • Set up a storage and packaging space for the goods.
  • Mobilize a team for the preparation of packages before shipment, including packing and packing. Likewise, the possibilities of return and, therefore, their treatment must also be considered.
  • Work with specialist delivery organizations or have your own delivery service.

Always-on online customer service

For both traditional commerce and e-commerce, it is necessary to always be attentive and available to the customer. You can then set up a customer service available to your consumers so that they are informed, advised and guided in their future purchase. Customer service that includes online video calls, live chats, correspondence, etc. it is highly recommended.

Active presence on social networks

Your business must be visible on all social networks to ensure maximum audience and a growing number of prospects. Social networks like Facebook or Instagram multiply their number of views and prove to be ideal platforms for the presentation and promotion of your products.

E-reputation and online reviews

In any sales strategy, you must create a positive reputation that will benefit the smooth running of your business. Online, it’s the same principle. You must adopt several strategies for impeccable notoriety and a good image with potential customers online. Build an e-reputation and offer review materials online. Specialized companies can help you in your efforts to establish a positive and transparent reputation.

Advantage of digitization

The transition to e-commerce offers several advantages for your business. Thus, effective communication and promotion actions will allow you to expand your clientele. To get new customers online, for a buying leadscompanies offer their services in this goal of gathering customers online.

Then collaborate with companies that help you with your marketing strategies. They will take care of your advertising, they will take care of the appropriate promotional campaigns according to your sector of activity. They will find the ideal leads to support you in your customer prospecting. In short, reward impactful communication actions aimed at the success of your e-commerce.

Digitization will allow you to expand your business internationally and get bigger customers. E-commerce breaks down physical boundaries and launches you into commerce on a global scale.

Consequence of digitization

With WooCommerce and Shopify, the connector between EBP Commercial Management and Prestashop is one of the most popular tools. Thus, digitalization will make it possible to establish a system of complementarity between the physical commerce that it practices and its influence online through e-commerce. If you want to expand your activities by launching online sales and ensuring the physical and virtual management of your business, the use of this software can help you in this regard.

This type of computer program allows you to synchronize your company’s data with your online store. This allows you, on the one hand, to have an online e-commerce site aligned with your physical business, but also, on the other hand, to share a commercial management plan (physical and online).

The consequence of digitization then allows the creation of your e-commerce site from your physical business. Development that updates your sales techniques and business management procedures. Software such as Vaisonet’s E-connector also offers these opportunities that ensure your physical business’s influence on the Internet.